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6,000 Environmental Remediations Since 1975

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Remtech Engineer's principals have completed over 6,000 environmental service projects since 1975.  Remtech’s multi-disciplinary expertise in spill response, environmental remediation, hazardous waste, industrial cleaning and maintenance, storage tank cleaning, disaster response, vacuum truck services, waste disposal and waste management, and environmental engineering ensures application of sustainable, reliable, cost-effective, and "smart" solutions that work and withstand the test of time and changing regulations.

Remtech's tenured success record in the environmental services industry has allowed Remtech to become a preferred environmental services company to a variety of clients including; railroad, military, aerospace, energy, power, transportation, chemical, petrochemical, refinery, manufacturing, pipeline, agricultural, food, healthcare, pharmaceutical, hospitals, waste management, and institutions.

✓ Oil spill, hazardous material, spill response, chemical spill response, emergency response

✓ Environmental cleanups, environmental remediation, soil and groundwater remediation and cleanups

✓ Multi-phase/dual-phase vacuum extraction

✓ Bioventing and Biosparging

✓ Bioremediation, biostimulation with proprietary HC-2000

✓ Brownfield cleanups and restorations,

✓ Railroad derailment cleanups

✓ Biohazard & infectious waste cleanups

✓ Mold abatement, lead abatement, asbestos abatement, mercury assessments and cleanups

✓ Industrial vacuum truck services, high-rail vacuum truck services

✓ UST removals and cleanups

✓ Storage tank cleaning and removals

✓ Pollution prevention  

✓ Environmental property assessments, phase I, II, and III environmental assessments

✓ SPCC Plans, FRP Plans, Spill Deployment Plans

✓ Stormwater monitoring, noise assessments, air quality and industrial hygiene monitoring, risk assessments

✓ Environmental training, health & safety training, hazardous material training, hazwoper training

✓ Disaster response and restoration services

✓ Waste Management and hazardous waste disposal

HC-2000 Purchase through Remtech Store.

Remtech has developed a proprietary bioremediation accelerator agent and cleaning product, HC-2000 (HC2), that cleans, disinfects, desorbs, reduces vapors and odors, and degrades fuels, oils, transformer oils, lubricants, and chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents. HC-2000 works on soil, ballast, gravel, groundwater, surface water, power substation, surfaces (concrete, asphalt, metal), and other matrices.  Specialized applications include treatment

HC-2000 has been used successfully on over 400 environmental remediations during the past 17 years.  HC-2000 is a Green Sustainable Technology that enhances the natural degradation processes and accelerates the degradation of refined solvents and petroleum based compounds in soil, groundwater, surface water, railroad ballast, power plants and substation gravel, ASTs with grounding systems and other media.  HC-2000 is a more efficient and cost-effective degrader and less toxic than many competing products.

HC2000 Degradation Efficiency Out Performs Competition

4-Day Bench-Scale Soil Slurry Diesel (TPH) Degradation Product Comparisons (Fuel Buster - 7 Days) Out Performs Competition


HC-2000 Bench-Scale Soil Slurry for Diesel, PCE, TCE, PCBs and Ethylene Glycol Degradation Times

HC2000 less toxic than Microblaze, Corexit 9500A, BioSolve, F500

Freshwater 96-Hr, LC50 Aquatic Toxicities(Silverside, Mendia Beryllina) Less Toxic than Competition

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Environmental Service Capabilities:

Remtech's Flagship Services


HC2000 JP-8 Stream Bank Cleanup at Golf Course Prevents Stream Erosion Claims
HC2000 Gasoline Wetland BioFence
Remediation System
HC2 Removes Diesel Fuel
in 10-6 cm/sec Conductivity
Aquifer under Building
HC-2000 Application to Mainline Track Degrades Diesel Release from At-Grade Collision with Fuel Truck
HC-2000 Application to Mainline Tracks Degrades Oil Spill WithI
Minimal Track Interruptions

HC-2000 Bioremediation Agent Accelerator Video

** CDFW-OSPR - Prohibited in California

(LC50’s < 10 mg/l)

Dec, 2016

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Remtech Engineers Environmental Services Video

Remtech would welcome the opportunity to earn the right to become a preferred environmental services company for your environmental projects. Remtech is committed to completing each project in a timely, discrete, professional, safe, and cost-effective manner.  


HC2000 Removes Mineral Oil Stains from Substation Gravel
HC2000 Cleans Transformer Shell After Power Plant Fire

HC-2000 Removes Mineral Oil Stains from Substation Gravel

HC-2000 Cleans Transformer Shell After Power Plant Fire