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Remtech Engineers has over 30 years of experience in pollution prevention, pollution contol, spill control, and secondary containment.  Remtech's expertise and tenure in the environmental services industry has allowed us to become a preferred environmental services company to a variety of clients.

Remtech’s experience gained from responding to over 10,000 incidents and determining root cause failures has made us exceptional loss prevention, pollution prevention, and system reliability design/construction professionals.  Vulnerable operational and system failure elements are identified and failsafe solutions are incorporated into the design, construction and operation of pollution prevention, spill control and stormwater management systems. This maximizes system reliability and reduces life cycle accident and maintenance costs.

Superfund Site Groundwater Treatment Site Tuscaloosa Alabama
Split Casing Secondary Containment Installed over Stream Jacksonsville Florida
Tanker Loading Rack with Secondary Containment Atlanta Georgia
Ethanol Railcar Unloading Rack with Secondary Containment Atlanta Georgia
Inground Weir Structure with Automated Sluice Gate St Louis Missouri
Forming Stormwater Pollution Prevention Weir Box Charleston West Virginia
Auto Shutdown Fuel Line Leak Detection Valves Kansas City Kansas
Rollover Containment Curb & Inground Weir Box
with Automated Sluice Gate Roanoke West Virginia


Stormwater pond hydrocarbon sensing release valve

Automated Detention Pond Hydrocarbon Sensing and Closing System on Riser Pipe Installed at Power Substation

Stormwater Culvert Debris Barrier

Debris Racks Installed in Stream Leading to 12 ft Diameter Stormsewer

Stormwater Pollution Prevention & Secondary Containment Systems


Loading Rack Secondary Containment Systems

Secondary Containment Basin Design and Construction

Secondary Containment Cleaning and Repair

Secondary Containment for Above Ground Storage Tanks

Secondary Containment for Oil Drums

Secondary Containment for Pipelines and Fuel Lines

Leak Detection and Control Systems

Stormwater Containment & Spill Pollution Prevention Systems

Soil & Groundwater Treatment Systems

Process Spill & Loss Prevention Systems

Stormwater & Wastewater Treatment Systems

Railcar and Tanker Loading, Unloading, and Containment Systems

Storm, Process, & Wastewater Sewer Installation

Oil/Water Separators

Stormwater Sampling

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

Installation of Automated Sluice Gates for Stormwater Ponds

Detention and Retention Pond Outlet Controls

Magnetic Drain Stops for Stormwater Drains