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Remtech Curb Side Magnetic Drain Cover
Remtech Magnetic Drain Covers

Remtech's Magnetic Drain Covers (MagCovers) are constructed of heavy duty Nitrile rubber backing with a laminated composite vinyl magnetic front with a total thickness of 0.25 inches.  MagCovers can be run over by a limited number of H20 trucks, tankers, and aircraft wheel loads without failing and are compatible with petroleum fuels, lubricants, and a variety of hazardous materials.

MagCovers fit commercial cast iron stormwater drop inlets with widths up to 48" and lengths exceeding 60".  MagCovers stop spills from entering flat cast iron gratings (or ferrous metal materials) or curbed metal inlets and offer an economic alternative to slide or sluice gates to comply with SPCC, SWPPP, and Pollution and Spill Prevention regulations.  


Example sizes are:

      ➢ Single Iron Drop Inlet Grates                  30" x 48"

      ➢ Double Iron Drop Inlet Grades                48" x 60"

      ➢ Curb Side Iron Drop Inlet               Measurements Required

      ➢ Custom Sizes also Available

Remtech MagCovers are sized by measuring the grating FRAME and adding 4" to the length and width dimensions or diameter for a minimum of 2" frame overlap on all sides. The perimeter of grating frame and pavement gap should be cleaned and grouted with a polyurethane or other compatible caulking to prevent leakage between the pavement and frame. Remove any debris, sand, gravel, etc. prior to deploying the MagCover.  

Curb Side Inlet covers require measurements and a metal curb side to properly size as depicted below.  The pavement and grate should be flat and on an even surface.  BE SURE TO PLACE THE MAGNETIC SIDE DOWN ON THE GRATING.  Uneven or depressed gratings may require a weight to hold the MagCover in place.

MagCovers should be stored in a flat position such as hanging on metal doors, cabinets, or metal walls for rapid access for spill containment deployment.  Hangers can also be attached to MagCovers for storage on non-metallic surfaces.

Remtech Magnetic Drain Covers

Remtech Curb Side Magnetic Drain Cover

Remtech Drain Cover Sizing

Double Drop Inlet Magnetic Drain Cover


Remtech Dual Drop Inlet Magnetic Drain Cover

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Remtech Magnetic Cover Sizing
Remtech Circular Drop Inlet Magnetic Drain Cover

Circular Magnetic Drain Cover


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Magnetic Curb Cover Sizing - Measure Width, Length, Height & Opening.  Must Have Metal Curb Side and

Cast Iron Frame and Grate with Openings Less than 2"