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Boom Deployment Trailer Atlanta, GA
Remtech High Rail Vacuum Trucks Atlanta GA
Midland Capping Kit Cartersville, GA
River Boom Deployment Training
Remtech Explosion Proof Hazardous Material Pump Cartersville, GA
Remtech Rapid Boat and Boom Deployment Trailer Canton, GA
Remtech Hazardous Waste Tanker Atlanta, GA
Boom Lifting Supersacks with Waste Atlanta, GA
Telescoping Forklift Removing Contaminated Ice Cream Ballground, GA
Remtech Vacuum Box Macon GA
Remtech Frac Tanks and Vacuum Boxes Atlanta, GA
Remtech Track Excavator Atlanta, GA

Remtech’s environmental remediation equipment fleet of vehicles, trailers, and equipment minimizes response times, project completion time, and costs.

Remtech’s spill response resources include: product transfer equipment; confined space entry & breathing systems; 4,000 ft of containment boom, boats, skimmers; mobile and emergency treatment systems; excavation equipment; high-rail vacuum trucks; tank and pipe cleaning and jetting equipment; mobile power plants & compressors; railcar repair and capping kits (Midland, Chlorep, Transfer kits); tankers; frac tanks; vacuum boxes; spill containment bladders; and other support equipment.  

Remtech is a CHEMNET Contractor for CHEMTREC and OSRO contractor for the USCG.  Remtech 2024 OSRO equipment list.

Personal Protective Equipment


• Level A, B, & C PPE

• Fire Proximity & Entry Suits

• Confined Space Entry Equipment Trailer

• Ventilation Blowers

Spill Control & Containment

• Chemical Transfer Pump Trailer

• Boom & Boat Launch Trailer

• Spill Recovery Trailer

• Railcar Repair Trailer

• Confined Space Entry Trailer

• Chlorep, Midland, Transload Kits

• Overpacks, Drums, Supersacks

• Frac Tanks, Pillow Tanks

• All-Terrain Tankers

• Skimmers, Washdown Pumps, Oil Mops

• Sorbent Pads, Rolls & Boom

• Spill Kits

• Vapor Suppression Foam (FFFP)

• Straw Filtration Barrier Trailer

Communications, Surveillance, & Data Bases


• GPS & Communications Equipment

• Digital HAZMAT Data Base

• Digital USGS & Aerial Maps

Underwater drones

Spill Cleanup & Remediation Equipment


• Heavy Duty Equipment

Mobile Multi-Phase Extraction

• HEPA & Mercury Vacuums

• Air Purification & Filtration  

Mobile Treatment Plants

     ▸ All-Terrain Oil/Water Separators

     ▸ Carbon Filtration

     ▸ Tri-Media Filters

     ▸ Sand Filters

     ▸ Diatomaceous Filters

     ▸ Anthracite Filters

     ▸ Bag Filters

     ▸ Magnetic Aeration Wastewater Treatment Systems

• Steam Cleaners, Steam Generators & Pressure Washers

Vacuum Trucks

Hi-Rail VacuumTrucks

• Explosion-Proof JETVAC

• Transfer of Flammable Liquids, Powders, Granules

• Treatment Chemicals & Agents

Vacuum Boxes

Environmental Monitoring

• Environmental Drilling Equipment

• Environmental Monitoring Equipment

• Portable Testing Equipment

Remtech Deep and Shallow Water Weir Oil Skimmers Cartersville, GA
Remtech Pump Transfer Trailer Atlanta GA
Level A Protective Suits Cartersville GA
Remtech Crane Removing UST
Remtech Toxic Gas Capping Kits Atlanta, GA
Remtech Mobile Oil Water Separator Franklin, GA


Remtech Rapid Deployment Oil Recovery Trailer Rosewell, GA
Remtech Oil Mop and Drum Skimmer Atlanta, GA
Oil Spill Recovery Trailer Boom Boat Skimmer Washdown Pump Atlanta, GA

Midland Kit

Speciality Chemical Transfer Pumps

Hauling Trucks

Level A PPE

Vacuum Trucks & Boxes

Rapid Deployment Boat & Boom Trailer

Shallow & Deep Water Skimmers

River Containment Boom

Mobile Oil/Water Separator/Carbon Filtration System

Tanker Trucks

Articulating Fork Lifts

Cranes & Excavators

Railcar Patching Kits

Explosion Proof JetVac Vacuum Pump

Boom Truck

Deep & Shallow Water Skimmers, Floating Washdown Pump

Rapid Boom/Boat Deployment Trailer with Recovery Equipment

Rope Mop & Disc Skimmers

River & Recovery Boom

High-Rail Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum Boxes & Frac Tanks

Transformer Fire Steam Cleaning, Franklin, GA
Tank Cleaning Atlanta, GA
Vacuum Truck Coal Cleanup Macon, GA
Oil Spill Cleanup Dalton Georgia

Liquid Vacuum Trucks

Emergency Response Trailers

Steam Cleaning

Confined Space Entry

High Rail Vacuum Trucks