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Remtech's disaster and incident response and management team is staffed by Hazwoper trained personnel that have responded to over 2,000 incidents involving man-made and natural disasters including fires, explosions, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, pipeline breaks, lift station surcharges, and sabotage.  Remtech's incident response management approach minimizes down-time, business interruptions, while restoring interim, and permanent operations.  

Remtech principals major crises response experience includes: Times Beach Missouri dioxin site; agent orange manufacturing and dioxin contaminated facilities in Missouri, Illinois, and New Jersey; cleanup of Manhattan project production vessels for the Space Shuttle program; major PCB cleanup for energy company in California, stabilization and cleanup of military explosives; development of toxic corridor projection models for evacuation and shelter in place for the National Transportation Research Board; radioactive cleanups at metal recycling and transportation accidents; response to major chemical fires; chemical releases from floods; and decontamination of infectious and pathogenic materials at hospitals and research facilities.

Disaster Response & Recovery Services

Emergency response to fires and explosions

➢ Fire restoration

➢ Disaster preparedness planning

➢ Evacuation & shelter-in-place decision assistance

➢ Damage assessments

➢ Spill containment, response, recovery & disposal

➢ Stormwater containment & diversion

          • sandbag dams, temporary storage tanks

          • emergency lift stations and diversion piping

          • emergency drainage swales

➢ Water damage restoration

          • water removal, drying, and dehumidification

          • mold abatement   

➢ Protection & recovery of critical assets (computers, files, equipment)

➢ Material and equipment salvage/recovery

➢ Hazardous & non-hazardous waste segregation

➢ Facility decontamination

➢ Debris containment, removal & disposal

Waste management & disposal

Demolition of damaged structures   

➢ Reconstruction and restoration management

Vacuum truck services

Major Power Plant Fire Disaster Response Newnan Georgia
Chemical Tank Farm Disaster Response Atlanta Georgia
Agent Orange Manufacturing Plant Emergency Stabilization
in Major Metropolitan City Newark New Jersey

Major Speciality Chemical Fire Disaster Response

Chemical Warehouse Fire & Flood Response

Chemical Tank Farm Disaster Response

Major Power Plant Fire Disaster Response

Agent Orange Manufacturing Plant Emergency Stabilization

in Major Metropolitan City


Disaster Response & Restoration Featured Projects

Chemical Plant Explosion Cleanup Atlanta Georgia
chemical warehouse fire emergency response