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Remtech's principals participated in some of the first mold, asbestos, lead, mercury, and exotic hazardous substance environmental abatements and remediaitons in the US beginning in the 1970's.  Mold remediation methodolgies were developed by Remteh's board certified site remediation and hazardous waste management engineers confered by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers.

Specific projects included decontaminating some of the first university, primary and secondary schools, universities, hospitals, airports, and government facilities with mold, lead, asbestos, and mercury containation.  For more information on mold remediation due diligence - click here.

Remtech has over four (4) decades in mold inspections, mold testing, mold remediation, emergency water removal, and mold restorations.  With Atlanta becomming a prime location for movie productions, Remtech assists movie location managers with older building inspections and remediations to ensure the safety of production crews and actors.

Mold control begins with identifying and correcting sources of water and moisture infiltration from roofs, facades, foundations, clogged roof gutters and downspouts, improper sloping of ground and surface water drainage away from foundations, capillary moisture transmittal through floors, condensate leakage from HVAC systems, water utility leaks, groundwater, and natural disasters including floods, huricanes, tornadoes.

Once the source of water infiltration is stopped, emergency water removal and drying operations are initiated.  Pourous materials with mold infestation such as dry wall, carpeting, and degraded wood are generally removed.  Other non-porous or building building materials not stucturally damaged may be treated with mold disenfection and control chemicals and coatings.  Other remediation methods include dry ice blasting, HEPA vacuuming, mechanical removal with HEPA dust collection shrouds, and coating surfaces with mold inhibiting/ disenfection and encapsulation treatments.

Mold Removal of Infested Drywall

Mold Removal




Mold Remediation in 2.4-acre Movie Production Atlanta Georgia

Mold Remediation for 2.4-acre Movie Set Production

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