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Vacuum Truck Hi Rail Coal Release Cleanup Atlanta Georgia

Hi Rail Coal Release Cleanup

Bag house Cleaning with Vac Box Macon Georgia

Remtech’s Guzzler vacuum trucks with high-rail capabilities can be operated on roadways or mobilized to remote areas accessible by rail. Wet or dry materials, (including railroad ballast) can be removed/transferred rapidly without fugitive dust emissions with high efficiency bag house filtration. Vacuum rates up to 5,400 cfm @ 28”Hg (3,400 gallons) transfers liquids, slurries, solids, granular material, powders and contaminants over long suction distances.

Dry product transfers/recovery remote cyclones minimize double handling of granular material from railcars to silos, piles to hopper cars or hopper cars to elevators. Continuous vacuum truck operation with vacuum boxes or cyclones minimizes transport costs.

➤ Confined space cleaning

➤ Railroad ballast, track & switch cleaning

➤ Tank, tanker, railcar cleaning & transfers

➤ Granular & powdered material change outs, cleanups & transfers

➤ Filter media change outs & filter media cleaning  

➤ Bulk transfer facility cleanups & transfers

➤ Silo, elevator, bag house, building, and storage structure cleanups

➤ Pipeline & pipeline interface cleaning

➤ Storm & sanitary sewer, process pipeline & catch basin cleaning

Sewer and pipeline location, TV inspections and leak testing

➤ Sludge & slurry cleanups

VacuJetTM  Heavy Solids Removal by Jetting & Vacuum Extraction

➤ Removal of leachate from landfills

➤ Landfill sump cleanouts

➤ Pit, lagoon, clarifier, sump, digester, oil/water separator clean outs

➤ Decontamination of bird droppings from DOT bridge structures

➤ Combustible Dust Cleanups

Vacuum Truck Environmental Applications

Environmental cleanups

Emergency response to spills         

Emergency response to derailments

Total fluids/multi-phase vacuum extraction

➤ Supplemented with Remtech’s HC-2000 bioremediation accelerator

Vacuum Truck Geotechnical Applications

➤ Hydro excavation

➤ Daylighting

➤ Vacuum excavation

➤ Air knife excavation

➤ Air excavation

➤ Non-destructive location of underground utilities, pipelines,

➤ Underground structures and USTs

➤ Soft excavation of soil & gravel

Remtech offers vacuum truck services (with Hi Rail) for environmental cleanups; emergency response to spills and derailments; and for geotechnical applications including hydro or pneumatic potholing/daylighting, and non-destructive location and uncovering of utilities, pipelines and underground structures.  

Remtech has developed a new sewer cleaning vacuum/jetting system called VacuJet that removes heavy solids from long sections of sewers not achievable by conventional jetting.

Bag house Cleaning with Vac Box

Utility Location Potholing
with Hi Rail Vacuum Truck Macon Georgia

Utility Location Hydro Excavation

with Hi Rail Vacuum Truck

Vacuum Truck Total Fluids Fuel Extraction at Railyard Pipeline Break Atlanta Georgia

Total Fluids Fuel Extraction at Railyard Pipeline Break

Vacuum Fuel Extraction from Leaking Line in Railyard

Vacuum Truck High-Rail Cleaning Locomotive Maintenance Facility Macon Georgia


Vacuum Truck Industrial Services

High-Rail Cleaning Locomotive Maintenance Facility