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24 Hr Emergency Response


8,000 Environmental Remediations Since 1975

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Remtech principals have responded to over 1,000 environmental incidents for the chemical, petrochemical, refinery, and manufacturing industries since 1975. Remtech is a CHEMNET Contractor for CHEMTREC, a Coast Guard OSRO contractor, and maintains an excellent safety record.

Remtech specializes in biological and physicochemical cleanup technologies ranging from enzyme enhanced biostimulation to thermal and chemical detoxification of soil, groundwater, and other environmental media.

Remtech also provides real property environmental assessments, indoor pollution investigations, and prevention & response plans. Our multi-disciplinary management team of professionals possess degrees from accredited universities, with specialty certifications from the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management.

Remtech’s complete array of industrial maintenance services minimize operational interruptions due to system failure, capacity limitations, product changeout, and environmental & safety concerns.

Emergency Response for Chemical and Manufacturing

✓ Oil Spill & Hazardous Material Response

✓ Chemical & High Pressure Gas Transfers

✓ Biohazard & Infectious Waste Cleanups

✓ Chemical Fire & Plant Explosion Mitigation

✓ Transformer Fire & Explosion Response

✓ Natural Disaster Emergency Response

Environmental Remediation for Chemical and Manufacturing

✓ Soil & Groundwater Remediation

✓ Hazardous Material & Waste Cleanups

✓ UST & AST Tank Cleanups & Closures

✓ Multiphase Vacuum Extraction

✓ Brownfield's Restorations

✓ PCB, Mercury & Lead Abatements

Mold Remediation & Abatement

Industrial Services for Chemical and Manufacturing

Process, Pipeline & Sewer Cleaning

✓ Pit, Pond & Lagoon Cleaning or Closure

✓ AST/UST Tank Cleaning or Closure

✓ Facility Decontamination & Fire Cleanups     

✓ Duct and General Dust Building Cleaning

✓ Product Transfers

✓ Lift Station and Oil Separator Cleaning

✓ Stormwater Retention Facility Cleaning

✓ Confined Space Entry & Tank Cleaning

✓ Tank Farm & Dike Cleaning

Engineering, Design & Construction for Chemical and Manufacturing

✓ Soil & Groundwater Remediation Systems

✓ Spill & Loss Prevention Systems

✓ Water & Wastewater Treatment

✓ Solid Waste, Landfill, Noise, Air Pollution Control

✓ Industrial Hygiene Monitoring & Management

✓ Tanker & Railcar Loading & Unloading Racks

✓ Storm & Sanitary Sewers

✓ Building & Construction Permits

✓ Construction Supervision

Chemical & Petrochemical Featured Projects

Chlorine Dioxide Fire Dechlorination

Chemical Plant Fire Cleanup

Latex Pond Closure for Carpet Manufacturer

Chemical Superfund Site Groundwater Treatment Plant Design

Brownsfields Foundry Arsenic Cleanup for County Facility

Gasoline Cleanup in Fractured Rock under Building

Emergency Response to Plant Fires

Chemical Plant Cleaning Dalton GA

Chemical Plant Cleaning

Confined Space Entry Tank Cleaning Atlanta Georgia

Confined Space Entry Tank Cleaning

Steam Cleaning AST Tank Shells at Chemical Manufacturing Facility

Vacuum Extraction of Tank Bottoms Atlanta Georgia

Vacuum Extraction of Tank Bottoms

Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Transfer

Emergency Response to Plant Fires Atlanta Georgia
Groundwater Treatment at Phenoxy Plant Tuscaloosa AL
Petroleum Tanker Loading Rack Design Atlanta Georgia




Leaking Sulfuric Acid Tank Transfer Gainesville GA
Steam Cleaning AST Tank Farm Norcross GA

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