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Remtech's principals have been involved with lead abatements for over three decades starting with National Lead Corporation's decomissioning and site decontamination.  Lead remediation methodolgies were developed by Remteh's board certified site remediation and hazardous waste management engineers confered by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers.

Lead and lead paint poses unique problems since it can be very localized in the environment and on structures, requiring representative sampling to define heterogenous locations in soil and multi-layers of paint.  

Health risks associated with lead exposures include: toxicitiy to the brain, central nervous system, behavioral problems, hyperactivity, reading and learning dissibilities, damage to the fetus, high blood pressure, and physical fatigue.  Lead paint is especially toxic to children and can lead to irreversible health effects.

With Atlanta becomming a prime location for movie productions, Remtech assists movie location managers with older building inspections and remediations to ensure the safety of production crews and actors.

Remtech's professionals ensures that lead paint remediations are completed according to all environmental regulations and best environmental engineering health practices.




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Removal of lead paint from 100 year old building Atlanta Georgia
Removal of lead paint from movie set location Atlanta Georgia
removal of fugative dust with lead paint Atlanta Georgia

Removal of fugative dust with lead paint

Removal of lead paint from movie set location

Removal of lead paint from 100 year old building

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