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Remtech has over 40 years experience in waste management, solid waste management, landfill maintenance, leachate treatment, leachate collection or pump repairs, and vacuum and high pressure jet cleaning of leachate collection systems, detention ponds, and sewers.  

Leachate Treatment System
Neutralization, Air Stripping, Extended Aeration Tuscaloosa AL

Landfill Leachate Treatment System

Neutralization, Air Stripping, Extended Aeration

Leachate Equalization at Landfill Cartersville GA

Leachate Recovery Equalization Basin at Landfill


Fuel Recovery from Refinery Sludge Pilot Demonstration Project Provides fuel for Multi Hearth Municipal Sludge Furnaces for 5 Years



✓ Renewable Energy Due Dilligence Evaluation and Testing

✓ Waste Characterization for Renewable Energy Recovery

✓ Landfill Operation and Renewable Energy Recovery Optimization

✓ Renewable Energy System Design, Build, Operation

✓ Wastewater Treatment Plant Digestor to Renewable Energy

✓ Landfill Gas to Renewable Natural Gas

✓ Agricultural Waste to Renewable Energy

✓ Composting Waste to Renewable Energy

✓ Biomass BioGas Waste to Renewable Energy

✓ Wastewater Sewage Sludge to Renewable Energy

✓ Dairy Manure to Renewable Natural Gas

✓ Dismanteling Renewable Energy Projects

✓ Landfill Leachate Treatment

Landfill PFAS Leachate Treatment

High Vacuum Cleaning of Collection & Stormwater Systems

✓ Landfill Leachate Sump Cleaning

✓ Landfill Leachate Collection System Cleaning

✓ Landfill Gas Collection System Maintenance and Cleaning

✓ Landfill Operation and Gas Collection System Optimization

High Pressure Jetting

✓ Landfill Remediation Services

✓ Landfill Gas Monitoring

✓ Vapor Intrusion Investigations & Remediation

✓ Offsite Gas Migration Treatment

✓ Waste Solidification

✓ Groundwater Contamination Treatment

✓ SVE/BioVenting & BioSparge Systems

Vacuum Enhanced Extraction Wells

✓ Removing Hazmats from Sanitary Waste & Recycling Facilities

✓ Disaster Response and Recovery to Fires and Floods

Remtech specializes in renewable energy, wastewater sludge to energy, landfill gas and biomas to renewable energy. Remtech has completed several due dilligence biomass to renewable natural gas and served as the "engineer of record" for the design of a landfill gas to renewable natural gas project.

Remtech principals completed one of the first successful pilot waste-to-energy demonstration projects in the early 1980s approved by EPA by delisting a refinery hazardous waste sludge to power multi hearth sludge furnaces at a major midwestern domestic wastewater treatment plant.  

This pilot project demonstrated that less than 5% refinery sludge blended with domestic sludges would provide enough energy to replace natural gas requirements for over five years while meeting air pollution, scrubber sluice water, and ash disposal requirements.  Refinery sludge addition rates had so much energy that injection rates had to be reduced to avoid thermal damage to metal furnace rakes.

Dairy Renewable Natural Gas Due Dilligence

Landfill gas to renewable natural gas design

Dairy Digester Pilot Methane Production Testing

Landfill-Renewable Natural Gas Production Facility Design

Draining HF Lines

TMAI Reaction Chamber

Draining HNO3 Lines

Solar Cell Manufacturing Facility

Solar Cell Etching & Cleaning System Dismanteling (TMAI-Al(CH3)3, HF, HNO3, HCL, POCL3, H2SO4,)