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Railyard Motive Diesel Fuel Release Bioremediation with HC-2000 | Atlanta, GA

Fuel Leachates Flushed from Trackbed with HC-2000

Grossly Contaminated Soils Excavated for Disposal ATL GA
Diesel Bioremediation of Railyard Soils HC-2000 ATL GA
Diesel Bioremediation HC-2000 Injection at Railyard Soils ATL GA

HC-2000 Applied to Residual Soils

Grossly Contaminated Soils Excavated for Disposal

Motive Fuel Release at Railyard

Location:  Atlanta, Georgia

Client:  Insurance Company for

Motive Fueling Company

Contract Amount:  Confidential


Remtech was engaged by an insurance company representing a locomotive motive fueling tanker that released 600 gallons of diesel at a railyard in Atlanta, Georgia.  The release footprint was 35 ft wide by 353 ft long and discharged into a historically contaminated site. Cleanup criteria was set by the railroad.

Part of the release ran over a track siding and drained into a swale.  The vertical migration of fuel was determined to be 12-inches deep and floated on top of a perched water table.  


Fuel in the trackbed was treated with HC-2000 and chased with water to wash and degrade fuel with leachate collected in two perforated drainage lines installed next to the tracks connected to sumps.  

126.16 tons of fuel saturated soils and gravel were excavated from the downgradient. Residual soils were treated with HC-2000.  The excavated area was backfilled with 107 tons of gravel.

Free product was pumped from the sumps and sheens dissipated within seven (7) days following initial treatment with HC-2000. The site was monitored until no sheen was observed in the leachate sumps next to the tracks.


Definition of a 12-inch penetration of this spill prevented cleanup of historically contaminated soils.  Desorption and degradation of fuels from trackbed with HC-2000 prevented track interruption time and saved the railroad and motive fuel transporter thousands of dollars.