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Completed County Service Center

Completed County Service Center

Foundry Prior to Demolition

Foundry Prior to Demolition

Plant Process Wastes

Plant Process Wastes

Remediation of Arsenic Contamination at Water Service Center | Marietta, GA

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Client: County Government

Contract Amount: $170,000


A county purchased one of the oldest historical foundry and machining manufacturing sites (11.2 acres) in Georgia for the development of a county services complex. A Phase I Environmental Assessment was conducted by a private consultant who reported no environmental risks. A second

firm identified significant environmental hazards/risks and recommended supplemental investigations.

Construction contracts were let and demolition commenced before additional investigations were conducted. Multiple explosions ensued and construction was halted.


Remtech Engineers was authorized to mitigate and identify the explosive material. The material was determined to be calcium carbide formerly used to generate acetylene.

Remtech’s authorization was expanded to assist the County Board of Commissioners with completing a Phase II and III Environmental Assessment. A myriad of environmental issues were successfully addressed that resulted in completion of the project with minimal contractor delays.

Remtech prepared and implemented a site remediation plan which addressed several innovative factors:

• Identification of hazardous materials & unknowns

• Disposal of hazardous materials and wastes

• Onsite destruction of unstable/explosive compounds

• Recovery of recyclable materials

• Background arsenic in soils linked to Appalachia coal

• Worked with ATF to identify suspect civil war ordnance

• Soil & groundwater sampling

• Identification & remediation of underground tankage

• Coordination of construction activities with site remediation

• Industrial hygiene monitoring of construction workers

• Capped site & controlled arsenic exposure pathways


Prepared HSRA notification & mitigation within 30 day period - prevented site listing, associated costs and liabilities, and allowed construction with existing  contractor to complete project with minimal delays.