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temporary mobile wastewater treatment system

Chemical Landfill Neutralization & Biological Treatment Plant

Remtech incorporates operator experience with engineering designs to ensure that waste management and waste treatment systems operate efficiently as designed.  

Remtech can assist with design specifications, permit acquisition, temporary mobile treatment systems, construction management, or turnkey design build services that meet your specific project needs.

Remtech's emergency and mobile water and wastewater treatment systems can provide rapid solutions for temporary treatment during permanent plant modifications, expansions, or cleanings.  

Leachate Treatment System
Neutralization, Air Stripping, Extended Aeration Tuscaloosa AL
Remtech Bio-Venting System Installed in New Building Athens Georgia
groundwater neutralization and bioreactor at chemical landfill
Auto Shutdown Fuel Line Leak Detection Valves Kansas City Kansas
groundwater treatment system at newspaper facility

Temporary Wastewater Phosphate Removal and Neutralization Sytem

tanker loading rack at lubricant manufacturing plant

Explosive Vapor Building Foundation Removal & Treatment System in Plant Enclosure

Superfund Site Environmental Remediation Plant

Tanker Loading Rack and Tank Farm Transfer Piping

Automated Flammable Liquid Shut Off Valves

Flammable Gas Scrubbers in Plant Enclosure

waste sludge energy recovery at wastewater treatment facility

Refinery Sludge-to-Energy at Municipal Wastewater Incinerators Demonstration Project

Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems


Mobile Treatment Systems

Mobile PFAS Treatment Systems

◆ Wastewater Pretreatment  

Temporary/Bypass Wastewater Treatment

◆ Aerobic & Anaerobic Biological Treatment

◆ Physicochemical Treatment

◆ Ultra Pure Water Treatment

◆ Sludge Dewatering & Drying

◆ Sludge Digestion & Energy Recovery

◆ Wastewater Sludge-to-Energy Systems

◆ BioGas to Energy Systems

◆ Operation & Maintenance

◆ Operator Training

Waste Management & Treatment Design & Construction

◆ Facility Siting & Permitting

◆ Compliance Monitoring

◆ Steel, Concrete, Mechanical & Electrical Systems

◆ Building Foundations, H20 Pavements

◆ Secondary Containment

◆ Chemical Process Piping and Bridges

◆ Fuel Storage & Conveyance Systems

◆ Chemical Storage & Conveyance Systems

◆ Chemical Tanker & Railcar Loading Racks

◆ Fire Prevention Systems

◆ Blast/Explosion Barriers

◆ Fall Protection Systems

SkyCiv Three Dimensional Design & Analysis

Waste Management Building & Enclosures

◆ Process & Treatment Plant Enclosures

◆ Explosion Proof Rooms

◆ Clean Rooms

◆ Facility Security Systems

Environmental Remediation Systems

◆ Environmental Monitoring Systems

Soil and Groundwater Remediation  

◆ Total Fluids Extraction

Multi-Phase Vacuum Extraction

Accelerated Bioremediation/Biostimulation  

Combustible Dust Removal

◆ Chemical Fixation

◆ Thermal Contaminant Degassing and Treatment

Landfill Treatment, Renewable Energy & Maintenance

◆ Gas Recovery Wells  

◆ Environmental Monitoring Wells

◆ Vapor Migration/Intrusion Collection & Treatment

◆ Gas and Leachate Monitoring

◆ Leachate Treatment

◆ Leachate Collection & Pumping Systems

◆ Landfill Gas to Renewable Natural Gas Systems

◆ Operation & Maintenance

◆ Operator Training

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Systems

◆ Stormwater Retention/Detention Basins

◆ Stormwater Collection & Conveyance Systems

◆ Stormwater Treatment Systems

Process Conveyance & Controls

◆ Chemical, Solids & Sludge Transfer Pumps

◆ Vacuum Pumps

◆ Lift Station Pumps

◆ Regenerative, Rotary Lobe & Rotary Claw Blowers

◆ Exhaust & Ventilation Blowers

◆ Pneumatic Shut Off Valves

◆ Automated Sluice Gate Valves

◆ Automated Solenoid Valves

◆ Pump & Blower Actuation Sensors  

◆ Control Valves

◆ Environmental Sensing & Control Systems

Air Pollution Control & Monitoring Systems

◆ Emission Compliance Sampling & Permits

◆ Gas Scrubbing & Absorbing Systems

◆ Soil Gas Venting

◆ Chemical Scrubbing Systems

◆ Stripping Towers

◆ Activated Carbon Absorbers

◆ Dust Control Systems

◆ Environmental Monitoring & Control Systems

Demolition & Decontamination

◆ Site Clearing

◆ Grubbing & Brush Cutting  

◆ Removal & Disposal of Hazardous Waste

◆ Building Demolition

◆ Site Grading

◆ Water Well Closure

◆ Septic Tank Closure

◆ Security Fencing