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24 Hr Emergency Response



6,000 Environmental Remediations Since 1975

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Remtech principals have responded to over 1,000 environmental incidents for the pipelines, terminals, and refineries since 1975. Remtech is a CHEMNET Contractor for CHEMTREC, a Coast Guard OSRO contractor, and maintains an excellent safety record.

Emergency Response

🔷 Emergency Response to Pipeline Releases

Environmental Remediation

🔷 Environmental Sampling & Drilling

🔷 Remediation Plans

🔷 Remedial Plan Implementation

🔷 Design/Build Environmental Remediation

🔷 Pipeline Release Remediation

Industrial Services

🔷 Vacuum Truck & Boom Truck Services

🔷 Air & Hydro Excavation (Soft Dig)

🔷 AST/UST/Pipeline Cleaning

🔷 Pipeline Video Inspections, Utility Location & Leak Detection

🔷 Corrosion & Pipeline Inspections

🔷 Pig Chasing and Digs

🔷 Hydrostatic & Integrity Testing

🔷 Comprehensive Demolition Services

Design/Build Construction

🔷 Secondary Containment Systems

🔷 AST Installations

🔷 Railcar and Tanker Loading/Unloading Racks

🔷 Lift Stations & Weirs

🔷 Pump Stations

🔷 Guardrail systems

🔷 Head walls

🔷 Sluice Gates

Pipeline Featured Projects

Railyard Fuel Pipeline Break Investigation, Repair & Cleanup

Railroad Fuel Terminal Pipeline Cleaning

Fuel Extraction from Manhole at Intermodal Yard
Two-Phase Vacuum Extraction at Pipeline Leak
Free Product Monitoring Following Extraction Event

Free Product Monitoring Following Extraction Event

Pipeline Pig Purging Prior to Testing

Pipeline Pig Purging Prior to Testing

Pipeline Demolition in Railyard Tunnel

Tanker Lubricant Loading Rack Design
Railcar Loading Rack Design
Railyard Pipeline Leak Investigation, Cleanup & Repair
Pipeline Leak Uncovered & Repaired
Pipeline Fuel Leak Located with CCTV Camera
Pipeline Demolition in Railyard Tunnel


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