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Location:  Atlanta, Georgia

Client:  Major Power Transmission Company

Contract Amount: $70,000


A 7,000 gallon transformer exploded at a power substation. Dielectric fluid was released to the gravel/soil pad. Mineral oil also migrated into stormwater drainage ditches. The release was located within 500 feet of a private drinking water well.


Remtech was engaged by the power transmission company to remediate the site. Free liquids were pumped into all-terrain

tankers and sent to an oil recovery facility.

Mineral oil saturated gravel and soils located above the grounding grid system were excavated from the substation grounds.  Residual contaminated soils in and below the grounding grid system and groundwater were treated insitu with Remtech’s HC-2000 natural bioremediation accelerator.

Monitoring wells were installed to track plume migration and the accelerated degradation of the mineral oil in soil and groundwater.

No contamination was detected in the drinking water well located downgradient of the substation during a 12-month degradation and monitoring period.


Insitu treatment of transformer oil contamination located in and below the substation's grounding grid system with HC-2000 allowed the substation to be put back in service rapidly (minimizing power interruptions) without removal and replacement of the grounding system and saved the power company more than the cost of the cleanup.   Surface stains on replaced gravel was eliminated during the degradation process.

Transformer Explosion Closeup

Transformer Explosion and Mineral Oil Release
Transformer Explosion Closeup

Transformer Explosion and Mineral Oil Release

Environmental Remediation Substation Transformer Explosion | Gainesville, GA