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VacuJet Setup At Extraction Point Macon Georgia

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▶︎ Stormwater Pollution Prevention Systems

Remtech's sewer cleaning, location, inspection, and construction group has located, cleaned, and installed stormwater and wastewater management systems for major railroad, chemical, and manufacturing clients.  Segregation of process from clean stormwater is one of the most important elements in complying with stormwater pollution prevention regulations.

Environmental releases may be conveyed through unknown cross connections with stormsewers, leaking process or wastewater lines.  

A leaking fuel pipeline at an intermodal railyard was located using ground penetrating radar, and inductive/conductive tracing.  The cased fuel carrier pipe cross connection with a stormsewer was documented by video inspection and isolated employing 30" inflatable plugs.  The stormsewer cross connection was uncovered and isolation valves were installed at two locations to facilitate pressure testing of carrier pipe segments to locate the leak point. The leaking pipeline was located over 15 feet below grade requiring large access pits to install the isolation valves.  Over 1 millions gallons of contact water and stormwater had to be collected and treated to dewater the pits.  The lines were cleaned by pigging and the damaged pipe system was replaced, tested, and x-rayed to verify the integrity of welds.  Groundwater remediation systems were installed in the test pits for total fluids extraction.

Liquid Smoke Generator Locates Stormsewers Atlanta Georgia
Smoke Testing Locates Unknown Drop Inlet Atlanta Georgia
Fuel Leak Documented by Video Inspection Atlanta Georgia
VacuJet Process Schematic Macon Georgia
Pipeline Pig Purging Prior to Testing Macon Georgia

Pipeline Pig Purging Prior to Testing

Stormwater Weir Box with Slide Gate
Weir Box with Automated Sluice Gate Installed Greenville South Carolina

Smoke Testing Locates Unknown Drop Inlet

Liquid Smoke Generator Locates Stormsewers


Sewer Locating, Sewer Smoke Testing

Sewer Locating & Testing

Sewer Cleaning, Pipeline Cleaning

Sewer Construction, Pipeline Construction

250 ft VacuJet Hose Extraction After Completion of Sewer Cleaning

VACUJET - Heavy deposits consisting of sand, lube oil, and other grease are difficult to remove by conventional jetting.  Remtech developed an integrated vacuum extraction and jetting pipe cleaning process VacuJet that cleans large pipes over long distances.  A lead jetter nozzle breaks up debris that is evacuated through a 300 ft 3" or 4" vacuum line at 25" Hg moved through the sewer by a cable glide/pulley system and deposited in a vacuum box for disposal.  Vacuum hose and jetter lines are moved through 90o angles through existing manholes into below ground pipes with a unique pulley system. This technique has been implemented at railroad sites with a sand crater oil mixture in a 350 ft long 36" pipe that had sags in the line.

VacuJet Clears Oily Debris From 24