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Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Client: Electrical Construction Company

Contract Amount: $240,000+


An major electrical cooperative experienced fuel entering its computer

grid control building, electrical vaults, and elevator shafts during a

flood. Fuel was also migrating offsite via a creek. The coop engaged

Remtech Engineers to find the source and remediate the fuel.


Remtech set up fuel recovery systems under the building and an

interceptor trench with recovery wells to stop fuel from entering the

building. Three containment/recovery points were also setup in the

creek. Fuel was pumped into frac tanks and ventilation systems were

set up to remove vapors from the building.

Test borings were conducted to locate the plume source. The

responsible party was identified to be an upgradient electrical

construction company who intern retained Remtech to find the source

and remediate the problem.

Over five-acres were investigated with ground penetrating radar and

metal detection equipment to attempt to locate an underground

storage tank. No point source was found. Additional test borings and

35 test pits (converted into multiphase extraction wells) traced the fuel

foot print to an underground culvert and preferential pathways that

flowed towards towards the Coop building. The source was

determined to be releases from motive fueling of the contractors

equipment over many years that had accumulated in a low spot that

flood waters flushed out.

Principal tasks completed by Remtech on this project were:

installation of two lined interceptor trenches, 35 multiphase extraction

trenches, seven recovery wells, recovery of 43,560 gal of petroleum

contact water, recovery of 1,000 gal of fuel, and excavation of

440 tons of contaminated soil. The construction company brought in

their corporate remediation company and excavated and disposed of

several acres of contaminated soil to a depth of approximately eight



At $50,000 into the project, the responsible party was demonstrated to

be an entity other than the Electrical Coop that initially engaged

Remtech. The construction company complemented Remtech’s

aggressive containment and recovery actions that minimized their

liabilities and ultimate cleanup costs.

Culvert Draining Fuel from Adjacent Facility

Interceptor Trench Installed Next to Building to Stop Fuel Infiltration

Floodwater Carriers Fuel into Building

Completed Interceptor Trench with Recovery Wells

Floodwater Carriers Fuel into Building
Culvert Draining Fuel from Adjacent Facility
Interceptor Trench Installed Next to Building to Stop Fuel Infiltration
Completed Interceptor Trench with Recovery Wells

Remediation of Diesel Fuel at Power Plant Control Center under Flood Conditions | Atlanta, GA




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