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10,000 Environmental Remediations Since 1975

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Remtech has provided comprehensive emergency response,

environmental remediation, environmental consulting,

industrial maintenance, and design/build services to the

rail industry for over 30 years.

Remtech has developed a proprietary biostimulation accelerator

HC-2000 that is used to degrade and desorb hydrocarbon spills in

ballast, soil, groundwater, surfacewater, wastewater, and clean

pavement and surfaces. HC-2000 is a more efficient degrader and

less toxic than the majority of other products. HC-2000 is a Green

Sustainable Technology product.

Emergency Response for Railroads

✓ Derailments & Intermodal Container Cleanups & Transfers

Hazardous Material & Dry Product Transfers & Cleanups

Chemical & High Pressure Gas Transfers

Environmental Cleanups

Disaster Response and Recovery from Fires and Floods

Environmental Remediation for Railroads

✓ Environmental Sampling & Drilling

✓ Remediation Plans

✓ Remedial Plan Implementation

Soil and Groundwater Treatment

Design/Build Environmental Remediation

AST, UST, Pipeline Testing & Remediation

HC-2000 Bioremediation of Hydrocarbon Spills on Soil and Ballast

HC-2000 Bioremediation Solvents and Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Groundwater

HC-2000 Cleaning of Surfaces and Pavement

HC-2000 Dual Phase Vacuum Extraction Remediation

Industrial Services for Railroads

Vacuum Truck Services with High-Rail Capabilities

Industrial Maintenance, Cleaning, and Upgrades

Oil/Water Separator, Trenches, and Trap Cleaning

✓ Railyard Track Mat Removal & Replacement

✓ Track Pan & Switch Cleaning

✓ Tank & Separator Cleaning

✓ Ballast & Pavement Cleaning

✓ Coal, Grain, Powder, Granular Cleanups & Transfers

✓ Railcar Product Transfers

AST, UST, Pipeline & Sewer Cleaning

Pipeline & Sewer CCTV Video Inspections, Utility Location & Leak Detection

✓ Corrosion Inspections

✓ Transformer Sampling & Disposal

✓ Grease Box Disposal

✓ Process Retrofits & Repairs

✓ System Maintenance & Upgrades

Comprehensive Demolition Services

Engineering Design/Build for Railroads

Pollution Prevention Systems

✓ Wastewater Treatment Systems

✓ Secondary Containment & AST Installations

✓ Railcar Unloading Racks

✓ Sludge Dewatering Systems

✓ Lift Stations & Weirs

✓ Track pans

Railyard Pipeline Leak Investigation, Cleanup & Repair Atlanta Georgia
Fuel Extraction from Railyard Sewer Atlanta Georgia
MDI Derailment Cleanup St Louis MO
Demolition Fuel Line in Tunnel Macon GA

Demolition Fuel Line in Tunnel

Trackmat Anchoring with Nail gun Macon GA

Track-mat Anchoring with Nail gun

Ethanol Railcar Unloading Rack Atlanta Georgia
Installation of Weir at Rail Treatment Plant Atlanta Georgia

Installation of Weir at Rail Treatment Plant

Leaking Fuel Pipeline Uncovered & Repaired Atlanta Georgia
Hi Rail Coal Release Cleanup Atlanta Georgia

Hi Rail Coal Release Cleanup


Derailment Spill Cleanup Macon GA
90-Ton Leaking Chlorine Car Capped Macon GA

Derailment Spill Cleanup

Forensic Train Fire Investigation
Underflow Weir with Automated Sluice Gate St Louis MO

Railroad Featured Project Profiles

Railyard Diesel Fuel Bioremediation Atlanta Georgia

Bioremediation of Diesel Spill at Railyard with HC-2000

HC2000 Fuel Remediation
on 1800 ft of Rail w/o Track Time Warner Robins GA
Mainline Track Diesel Fuel Bioremediation Atlanta Georgia

Fuel Bioremediation on Rail Siding with HC-2000

railcar product transfers

Railcar Product Transfers

MDI Derailment Cleanup