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     Remtech Corporate and Professional Certifications

Registered Professional Engineer in Seven States

Board Certified Hazardous Waste & Site Remediation Engineering (Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists)

Board Certified Water & Wastewater Engineering (Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists)

Level II Certified Design Professional (GSWCC, Erosion Control Engineer)

Certified Hazardous Materials Manager

Certified Safety Professional

Florida Certified Pollutant Storage Tank Contractor

North Carolina Remediation Contractor

Certified CHEMTREC CHEMNET Contractor

Licensed Water Well/Environmental Driller, SC, GA

E-Rail Safe Certified, Norfolk Southern & CSX

Roadway Worker Protection Training for Railroad Contractors, Norfolk Southern & CSX

Hazwoper Hazardous Waste & Emergency Response

Hazmat First Responder & Technician

Incident Commander

ISNETWORLD Certified Safety Program

➢ AVETTA/BROWZ Certified Safety Program

USCG OSRO Contractor Number 382 (passed USCG audit April 2024)

Certified Lead Renovation Contractor

ITS Qualified Operators (Integrated Transmission System) for Power Substations Damage Assessments & Switching

FRA 219/243 Safety Certifications

Buckeye PIC 2 Pipeline Certification

Asbestos Inspector

Enhanced Bioremediation Accelerator HC-2000 Approvals (Green Sustainable Product)

State of Georgia - Soil and Groundwater Approval

State of Florida - Soil and Groundwater Approval

Other States - Approvals Generally Rapidly Obtained from EPA OSC's or State Department of Natural Resources