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Convert your frac tanks or steel tanks into temporary wastewater treatment systems or dewatering treatment systems.  Remtech has developed a proprietary temporary modular magnetic wastewater treatment system consisting of aeration, mixing, equalization, sedimentation, and tertiary treatment unit operations for bypass wastewater treatment during plant cleaning, repairs, upgrades, or dewatering operations.

Remtech's magnetic FRACAIR aeration/equalization system fits inside a standard 21,000 gallon frac tank or other ferrous steel tanks that offers a cost-effective temporary treatment system.  Air manifolds and diffusers are inserted through 20” manholes with quick connects that are held in place by 80 pound magnets.  Systems can be operational in a short period of time. Magnetic anchoring eliminates permanent alterations of RENTAL tanks.  Inlet and outlet hoses/pipes and control valves hydrostatically balance influent and effluent flowrates for up to ten (10) frac tanks connected in parallel for flowrates up to 200,000 gpd.  

Multistage regenerative, rotary lobe blowers, or conventional 185 cfm trailer mounted compressors supply air if plant air is not available.  Piping materials of construction range from schedule 80 PVC to stainless steel depending on temperature and wastewater compatibility.  Diffuser membrane or sintered bubble sizes are available in fine, medium or coarse.  An 8.4 Hp two stage regenerative or 7 Hp rotary lobe blower aerates up to two (2) 21,000 gallon frac tanks reducing power requirements over mechanical mixing by up to 80% per frac tank.  Blowers can be designed to aerate individual or multiple tanks.

For higher flowrates greater than 200,000 gpd, FRACAIR systems can be installed in larger steel tanks anchored by magnets or membrane lined tanks secured by weights that overcome buoyancy effects.

Tertiary modular treatment options that can be added include, screening, clarification, serpentine neutralization, floculation, filtration, dissolved air floatation, sludge dewatering, or other advanced wastewater treatment systems.

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Frac Tank Aeration System with 12-50 Micron Diffuser Heads (Offset Diffusers Creates Circular Mixing Pattern)

Magnetic Frac Tank Aeration
Magnetic Frac Tank Aeration
Blower Anti Siphon Cage
Aeration Blower
Magnetic Frac Tank Aeration
Magnetic Frac Tank Diffusers

24 Diffusers and Flexible Manifold are Delivered on a Single Pallet that are Deployed Through a 20-inch Frac Tank Manhole and Assembled with Quick Connects

Magnetic Frac Tank Aeration System

Frac Tank Magnetic Aeration System Fits through 20" Manhole with Quick Connects and Held in Place by 80 Pound Magnetics.  Air Supplied by 185 cfm Trailer Compressor, Two Stage Regenerative or Rotary Lobe  Blower.

Magnetic Steel Tank Aeration System

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