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Remtech provides energy power generating, transmission, and substation utilities with: emergency response to spills, fires, explosions, storms; environmental assessments and response plans; environmental remediation; comprehensive industrial services, pollution prevention systems, and comprehensive waste management programs.

Transformer fires and explosions at power plants and substations result in dielectric fluids broadcast over fire walls, sound attenuation barriers, power generating surfaces, and spill containment/fire extinguishment pits. Storms result in power outages, downed pole mounted transformers, and dammage to electrical equipment.  Remtech has developed and implemented specialized response and remediation programs for transformer fires and explosions at electrical substations and power generating facilities.

Remtech’s emergency response and steam/surface cleaning services restore facilities to pre-fire condition. Remtech’s mobile oil/water separator/carbon filtration plants treat fire deluge water for release to stormwater detention ponds minimizing liquid disposal volumes.

Remtech’s proprietary biostimulation accelerator HC-2000 product is used to degrade residual soil contamination in and below grounding grids and remove photolytic mineral oil staining from gravel. HC-2000's application to power plant and downed transformers is presented in Remtech Bioremediation Optimization Primer for the power industry starting on page section 4.3.  HC-2000 is a Green Sustainable Technology product.  HC-2000 is also approved on a case-by-case basis by EPA OCSs for in situ treatment of large volumes of petroleum contact water.

Energy Facility Spill Deployment and Facility Response Plans have been prepared for worst case release scenarios for power generating facilities with ASTs. Completed plans include the Savannah River and Chattahoochee River basins with combined drainage areas of 72,650 acres and 1,180 miles of shoreline. Spill containment, protection, recovery, access points (boat ramps & bridges), and sensitive receptors (including water intake structures, fisheries, and marinas) were visited, photographed with GPS tags and entered into a GPS aerial mapping system. Containment, recovery, and temporary storage equipment are specified for each control point and entered into a digitized rapid deployment management system to access, direct, and deploy appropriate resources.

Emergency Response for Energy Facilities

     ▸ Emergency Response and Cleanup from Spills, Fires, Explosions & Storms

Environmental Remediation for Energy Facilities

     ▸ Site Cleanup for New Facility Construction or Expansion

     ▸ Removal & Remediation of USTs, AST, & Septic Tank Sites

     ▸ High Rail Vacuum Cleanup of Coal, Coal Ash, Facility Dust, and Spills

     ▸ Transformer Sampling (PCBs) and transformer disposal

     ▸ HC-2000 Treatment of Mineral Oil Spills in and Below Grounding Grids

     ▸ Cleanup of Oil Spills from Concrete, Asphalt, Metal Surface, Soil & Water

     ▸ Chemical Spills from Cooling Systems, Acids, Corrosives, Toxics

Industrial Services for Energy Facilities

     ▸ Cooling Tower, Boiler, Fly Ash, Heat Exchanger Cleaning

     ▸ Tank Cleaning

     ▸ Vacuum Truck Services

     ▸ Structural Demolition

     ▸ Closure of Water Wells

     ▸ Clearing Right-of-Ways for Substation Construction

     ▸ Cleaning of Oil Water Separators

Environmental Engineering Design/Build for Energy Facilities

     ▸ Spill Control System Construction

Environmental Consulting Services for Energy Facilities

     ▸ Environmental Assessments, ASTM Phase I, II, & III

     ▸ SPCC, FRP, and Spill Deployment Plan Preparation

     ▸ FRP Qualified Individual, Hazwoper, Incident Commander Training

     ▸ Hazardous Material Technician, and Refresher

Waste Management for Energy Facilities


     ▸ Removal & Disposal of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste

Fuel Oil Spill Response at Coal Fired Power Plant Cartersville Georgia
Power Plant Fire Steam Cleaning Columbus Georgia
Power Plant Fire Cleanup Macon Georgia
Removes Dielectric Fluid from Fire Water Lagrange Georgia
Anhydrous Ammonia Training at Coal Fired Plant for NOX Removal Cartersville Georgia
Dielectric Saturated Soils Removed Above Grounding Grid and Subsoils Treated with HC-2000 prior to Site Restoration Atlanta Georgia
Automated Stormwater Pond Containment Valve  Atlanta Georgia

Automated Stormwater Pond Containment Valve

Vacuum Extraction of Soil & Gravel Contamination at Gas Fired Power Plant

Digital GPS Mapping Spill Deployment Plan for
27,000-acre Watershed 
for Major Power Plant on Savannah River Hartwell Georgia

Digital GPS Mapping Spill Deployment Plan for

27,000-acre Watershed

for Major Power Plant on Savannah River

HC2000 Transformer Explosion Cleanup Atlanta Georgia

Featured Project Profiles for Energy Facilities


Substation Restoration - Treatment of Soils In and Below Grounding Grid with HC-2000 and Surface Restoration Atlanta Georgia
Excavation of Mineral Oil Saturated Gravel & Soil Above Grounding Grid Atlanta Georgia

Excavation of Mineral Oil Saturated Gravel & Soil Above Grounding Grid

Transformer Explosion Cleanup Atlanta Georgia

Fuel Cleanup at Coal Fired Power Plant

Hydroelectric power plant oil spill cleanup Cartersville Georgia

Oil Spill Cleanup at Hydroelectric Power Plant

PCB Cleanup Fellows California

PCB Heat Exchanger Remediation for Major Energy Company in California Desert

Anhydrous Ammonia Training at Coal Fired Plant

for NOX Removal

vacuum truck power plant oil cleanup