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9,000 Environmental Remediations Since 1975

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Emergency Spill Response Featured Projects

Glacial Acetic Acid Plant Explosion Response Atlanta Georgia
Corrosive Chemical Tanker Transfer Atlanta Georgia
Tanker Rollover Emergency Product Transfer Adairsville Georgia

Remtech provides a 24-hour spill and disaster response network staffed by Hazwoper trained professionals. Remtech principals have responded to over 9,000 incidents since 1975 including hazardous materials, hazardous wastes, reactives, infectious materials, explosives, oils, chemicals, mercury, heavy metals, infectious/biohazard/ biological agent releases. Clients include energy (power generation and transmission), transportation, chemical, petrochemical, refinery, manufacturing, institutions, hospitals, and municipalities. Remtech is a CHEMNET Contractor for CHEMTREC and OSRO Contractor for the USCG and maintains an excellent safety record.

Our Corporate Response Center is located in Atlanta, Georgia and hosts one of the largest fleets of emergency response, remediation equipment, and supplies in the Southeast. Remtech minimizes risks and costs by rapidly converting uncontrolled situations into manageable projects while minimizing business, social, and cultural interruptions.

Accident root cause determinations provides opportunities for cost-recovery, liability transfer to responsible parties, improved preparedness planning, and loss prevention information to minimize incident reoccurrence and impacts.

Remtech specializes in spill response in the inland waterway system (fast currents) that requires unique response capabilities and resources different from saltwater coastal contractors. Remtech has over 4,000 feet of inland river containment boom, 60,000 gallons of containment storage, mobile treatment systems, transfer pumps, leak repair kits for railcars, tankers, vacuum trucks, tanks, frac tanks, and other resources.

Remtech Equipment Resources.  

OSRO USGS Equipment List

Personal Protective Equipment


• Level A, B, & C PPE

• Fire Proximity & Entry Suits

• Confined Space Entry Equipment Trailer

• Ventilation Blowers

Spill Control & Containment

• Chemical Transfer Pump Trailer

• Boom & Boat Launch Trailer

• Railcar Repair Trailer

• Confined Space Entry Trailer

• Chlorep, Midland, Transload Kits

• Overpacks, Drums, Supersacks

• Frac Tanks, Pillow Tanks

• All-Terrain Tankers

• Skimmers, Washdown Pumps, Oil Mops

• Sorbent Pads, Rolls & Boom

• Spill Kits

• Vapor Suppression Foam (FFFP)

• Straw Filtration Barrier Trailer

Communications/Data Basis


• GPS & Communications Equipment

• Digital HAZMAT Data Base

• Digital USGS & Aerial Maps

Spill Cleanup Equipment


• Heavy Duty Equipment

• Mobile Multi-Phase Extraction

• HEPA & Mercury Vacuums

• Air Purification & Filtration  

• Mobile Treatment Plants

• All-Terrain Oil/Water Separators

• Chemical Tankers

• Carbon Filtration

• Tri-Media Filters

• Sand Filters

• Diatomaceous Filters

• Anthracite Filters

• Bag Filters

• Steam & Pressure Washers

• Vacuum Trucks

• Hi-Rail VacuumTrucks

• Explosion-Proof JETVAC

• Flammable Liquid, Powder, Granule Transfer

• Treatment Chemicals & Agents

Vacuum Boxes

Environmental Monitoring


• Confined Space Monitors

• MultiRae Monitors, NH4, CL2, VOC, PID

• RKI CO2, CH4, LEL Infrared Monitors

• Mercury Monitors

• Infrared Temperature Monitors

• Environmental Drilling Equipment

• Surveillance Instrumentation

• Portable Testing Equipment

Underwater drones

• Personnel Monitors

• Dissolved Oxygen Meters

• Conductivity Monitors

• pH Meters

• Train Derailment Cleanups

• Tractor-Trailer & Tanker Accident Cleanups

• Oil Spill & Hazardous Material Response

• Railcar and Intermodal Container Releases

• Chemical Transfer & High Pressure Gas Transfers

• Biohazard & Infectious Waste Cleanups

• Chemical Fire & Plant Explosion Mitigation

• Reactive & Explosive Material Mitigation

• Transformer Fire & Explosion Response

• Leaking Tank & Container Cleanup

• Inland Waterway, Lake, Marina Fires & Spill Cleanups

Glacial Acetic Acid Plant Explosion Response

Leaking 90-Ton Leaking Chlorine Car Capped

Corrosive Chemical Tanker Transfer

Tanker Rollover Emergency Product Transfer

Soy Food Additive Derailment Release

HC-2000 Treatment to Control Odors & Degrade Organics

Derailment Spill Cleanup Macon Georgia
MDI Derailment Spill Response St Louis Missouri
Hypochlorite Tank Reaction Stabilization Calhoun Georgia
Hydrochloric Acid Waste Neutralization Response Atlanta Georgia
Soy Food Additive Derailment Release Cartersville Georgia
HC-2000 Treatment to Control Odors & Degrade Organics Cartersville Georgia

Derailment Spill Cleanup

Gasoline Tanker Explosion Response

MDI Derailment Spill Response

Hydrochloric Acid Waste Neutralization Response

Hypochlorite Tank Reaction Stabilization


Emergency Spill Response at Power Plant

Leaking 90-Ton Chlorine Railcar Capped Macon Georgia
Hydroelectric Plant Oil Spill Response Dalton Georgia
Gasoline Tanker Explosion Cleanup Fort Valley Georgia
Anhydrous Ammonia Railcar Release Capped with Midland Kit

Leaking Anhydrous Ammonia Railcar Capped with Midland Kit

Diesel Tanker Transfer

Fuel Tanker Offloaded with Explosion Proof Pump

Paracetic Acid Fire Spill Response