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Remtech Corporate and Professional Certifications

Registered Professional Engineer in Six States

Board Certified Hazardous Waste & Site Remediation Engineering (Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists)

Board Certified Water & Wastewater Engineering (Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists)

Level II Certified Design Professional (GSWCC, Erosion Control Engineer)

Certified Hazardous Materials Manager

Florida Certified Pollutant Storage Tank Contractor

North Carolina Remediation Contractor

Certified CHEMTREC CHEMNET Contractor

Licensed Water Well/Environmental Driller, SC, GA

E-Rail Safe Certified

Hazwoper Hazardous Waste & Emergency Response

Hazmat First Responder & Technician

Incident Commander

ISNETWORLD Certified Safety Program

➢ AVETTA/BROWZ Certified Safety Program

USCG OSRO Contractor Number 382

Certified Lead Renovation Contractor

ITS Qualified Operators (Integrated Transmission System) for Power Substations Damage Assessments & Switching

FRA 219/243 Safety Certifications

Enhanced Bioremediation Accelerator HC-2000 Approvals (Green Sustainable Product)

State of Georgia - Soil and Groundwater Approval

State of Florida - Soil and Groundwater Approval

Other States - Approvals Generally Rapidly Obtained from EPA OSC's or State Department of Natural Resources