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Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Client: Major Beverage Distribution Facility

Contract Amount: $490,600

HC-2000 Biosparge Wells Atlanta GA
HC2000 BioFoam Injection Cross Section Atlanta GA
Bio-Foam Injection Well Atlanta GA
HC2000 BTEX Degradation Curve Atlanta GA
HC2000 TPH Degradation Curve Atlanta GA


A gasoline contaminated site at a beverage distribution facility with leaking underground storage tanks was qualified by Remtech for reimbursement under the State GUST Trust Fund.


The USTs were removed and a bioventing/biosparge system was installed. Seven (7) existing recovery wells were converted into HC-2000 injection bio-foam wells. Remtech’s HC-2000 (natural bioremediation accelerator) was injected over a six (6) month period.

Remtech’s bio-foam injection wells were utilized to increase mass transport of HC-2000 to the saturated and unsaturated zones. High pressure air is used to generate foam micro bubbles. High volume/low pressure air was used to move the foam blanket through the unsaturated zone and capillary fringe.

BTEX concentrations in the heart of the groundwater plume were reduced by over 94% and TPH concentrations were reduced by over 96%.  Free product was eliminated during the first month of treatment.


Remtech qualified this site for reimbursement under the State GUST Trust Fund.

Bio-Foam Injection Well

HC-2000 Biosparge Wells

Bioremediation BioSparge Gasoline Lust Site with HC-2000 | Atlanta, GA

Groundwater BTEX Reduced by 94% Following 120 Days of Treatment

Groundwater TPH Reduced by 96% Following 120 Days of Treatment