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Remtech's Bioremediation Design Optimization Primer with HC-2000 is presented here.  Remtech's BioPile Bioremediation Optimization Primer with HC-2000 is presented here.  Remtech has developed a proprietary slow-release enhanced bioremediation and biosurfactant, HC-2000 (HC2), that cleans, disinfects, desorbs, reduces odors and degrades fuels, oils, transformer oils, lubricants, chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents. Enhanced bioremediation and biosurfactant, HC-2000 works on soil, ballast, gravel, groundwater, surface water, wastewater, sludges, septic tanks, power substations, cleaning surfaces (clothing, concrete, asphalt, metal), and other matrices. Biosurfactants increase mass transfer of biochemical reaction accelerators to rapidly degrade and clean petroleum based contaminates. Slow release ingredients continue to deliver active ingredients over periods exceeding 1 year.

HC-2000 (HC2) is a Green Sustainable Technology product. HC2 restores the environment by accelerating natural native systems (heterotrophic bacteria) to degrade petroleum and solvent based contaminants. HC2 removes toxic contaminants with minimal economic disruptions to business and generally cost less than other remedial technologies.

HC-2000 is a more efficient and less toxic degrader and surface cleaner than many competing products and is approved by Florida, Georgia, and by other states on a case-by-case bases. Georgia Approval Letter, Florida Approval Letter, HC-2000 SDS.

HC-2000 Concentrate


HC2000 Bioremediation Accelerator and Cleaner Concentrate

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HC2000 less toxic than Microblaze, Corexit 9500A, BioSolve, F500
HC2000 Degradation Efficiency Out Performs Competition

4-Day Bench-Scale Soil Slurry Diesel (TPH) Degradation Product Comparisons (Fuel Buster - 7 Days) Out Performs Competition

Bench-Scale Soil Slurry for Diesel, PCE, TCE, PCBs and Ethylene Glycol Degradation Times

Freshwater 96-Hr, LC50 Aquatic Toxicities(Silverside, Mendia Beryllina) Less Toxic than Competition

HC-2000 is available in 1, 5, 55, and 250-gallon quantities. Fill out the eform below and indicate the quantity of HC-2000 you are interested in and we will get back to you shortly to process your order.