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Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Client: Major Bus Company

Contract Amount:  $850,000


Remtech was engaged by a major bus terminal to remediate an

estimated 7,000 gallon diesel fuel release from a twenty thousand gallon (20,000) underground storage tank. The 0.33-acre plume of fuel was located with 33 monitoring wells under a bus wash/service building and parking lot. Remtech secured reimbursement from the State’s Leaking Underground Trust Fund for this project.


Seventeen (17) recovery wells were installed following removal of

the leaking UST. A Remtech dual-phase vacuum extraction

system was installed that consisted of a rotary claw blower,

knockout tank, oil/water separator (OWS), multimedia pre-filters

and activated carbon post-filters. This project was complicated by

tight clay soils (conductivity of 6.3 x 10-6 cm/sec) and iron

bacteria floc that created a biofilm that clogged filtration systems.  Dissolved air floatation (DAF) and calcium chloride coagulation/ flocculation were added to the oversized OWS to assist with the separation of fuel from the bio-floc.

For every gallon of fuel recovered, 1/3rd gallon of fuel entrained iron bacteria sludge had to be removed. Sludge entrained fuel was separated by placing solids in sludge thickening tanks with extended retention times. This was one of the worst iron bacteria fowling problems encountered in the State of Georgia.

Iron bacteria buildup in the wells required well rehabilitation with

surge blocks, jetting, hydrochloric acid, calcium hypochlorite,

hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, glycolic acid, and HC-2000 injection.

48.44% of the free product was removed during the first four (4) years of operation of the dual phase extraction system.

To accelerate the completion of this remediation project, approval was received from the State to inject Remtech's proprietary HC-2000 bioremediation accelerator and desorption agent.  92.63% of the remaining free product was removed with seven (7) injections of HC-2000 during the final year of the treatment program. The small quantity of free product remaining was determined to be immobile, stable, with no impacted downstream receptors.

An estimated 2,300 gallons of fuel were recovered over a five year period (not including bioremediated fractions of free product).

This project was completed as a low risk site and a No Further Action Letter was received from the State UST Program.


Project costs were completed for approximately $159/cy even with the unusual elevated iron bacteria biomass which accounted for over 30% of project costs. The client was reimbursed for this project by the State GUST Fund.

Dual Phace Vacuum Extraction at Diesel LUST Site Norcross GA
Iron Bacteria Separated from Fuel by DAF and CaCl2 Flocculation Atlanta GA
Remtech Dual Phase Vacuum Extraction System Doraville GA
HC-2000 Injection into Extraction Wells Atlanta GA

Remtech Dual-Phase Vacuum Extraction System

Total Fluids Treatment Trailer

Iron Bacteria Separated from Fuel by DAF and CaCl2 Flocculation

HC-2000 Bioremediation Accelerator and Desorption Agent Injection into Extraction Wells

Vacuum Extraction PID Drawing Atlanta GA

Vacuum Extraction PID Drawing

Bioremediation Accelerator (HC-2000) Diesel Fuel Dual Phase Vacuum Extraction Groundwater Remediation | Atlanta, Georgia

Free Product Thickness Reduction Atlanta GA
Free Product Thickness Reduction Atlanta GA

48.44% Free Product Thickness Reduction in Extraction Wells During Four (4) Years Dual Phase Extraction

92.63% Free Product Thickness Reduction in Extraction Wells During One (1) Year Dual Phase Extraction with HC-2000 Injection