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Waste Minimization

Waste Recycling

Special Waste Pickup Transport and Disposal

Universal Waste Pickup Transport and Disposal

Hazardous Waste Pickup Transport and Disposal

Reactive Waste Pickup Transport and Disposal

Medical Waste Pickup Transport and Disposal

Clandestine Drug Pickup Transport and Disposal

Labpack Characterization Transport and Disposal

Waste Treatment

♻︎ Special Waste Disposal - bulk solids or liquids may be solidified at permitted Subtitle D Landfills or chemically fixed at pre-treatment facilities.

♻︎ Universal Waste Disposal - commercial light recycling and disposal.

♻︎ Hazardous Waste Disposal - RCRA hazardous wastes, toxic wastes, and hazardous materials are typically incinerated or recycled at permitted facilities.

♻︎ Reactive & Explosive Materials Disposal - Reactive and explosive materials are identified and stabilized either onsite or at EPA approved facilities. Remtech has destroyed explosives at airports, closed health facilities, and remediated materials that are not handled by bomb squads.  Unknowns during criminal investigations have been destroyed by controlled incineration/detonation systems designed by Remtech Engineers.

♻︎ Infectious & Medical Waste Disposal - Infectious/medial wastes are disposed of at EPA permitted facilities to ensure that biohazards are controlled and disposed of properly.  Remtech has remediated medical facilities that have been closed, had uncontrolled releases, or system failures for private, city, county, state, and federal clients.

♻︎ Controlled & Clandestine Drug Lab Decon & Disposal - Many controlled substances and clandestine drug lab materials and wastes are highly reactive and require special handling.  Remtech has worked with law enforcement and public health authorities to mitigate appropriately.

♻︎ Labpack Disposal - Characterization & packaging of laboratory and medical facility chemicals.  Remtech handles waste streams from research, educational and medical facilities.

♻︎ Waste Treatment, Landfill Maintenance, Renewable Energy

✓ Design/build wastewater & stormwater treatment systems

✓ Oil/water separators

✓ Solidification/chemical fixation

✓ Sludge dewatering systems

✓ Neutralization systems

✓ Chemical oxidization/reduction

✓ Biological treatment

✓ Physical/Chemical treatment

✓ Thermal treatment

✓ Landfill Leachate Treatment Maintenance and Cleaning

✓ Landfill Leachate Treatment System Design, Build

✓ Landfill Operation and Energy Recovery Optimization

✓ Waste-to-Energy System Design, Build, Operation

✓ Waste Characterization for Renewable Energy Recovery

✓ Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge to Renewable Energy

✓ Landfill Gas to Renewable Natural Gas

✓ Agricultural Waste to RenewableEnergy

✓ Composting Waste to Renewable Energy

✓ Biomass Waste to Renewable Energy

Let Remtech manage your waste streams from cradle-to-grave from waste pickup, transport, and disposal. Each waste stream is classified and screened for waste minimization, recycling, treatment or disposal to minimize your liabilities and costs. Waste is transported and disposed of at approved facilities.

♻︎ Waste Reduction/Minimization - Remtech segregates and reduces waste volumes (hazardous & non-hazardous wastes, solid and liquid phase separation) to provide the most economical means of disposal.

♻︎ Waste Recycle/Reuse - fuels, oils, solvents, metals, batteries, plastics, and paper are recovered for reuse or recycled to reduce disposal costs and prevent unnecessary disposal.

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