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Remtech offers a complete array of industrial facility, tank, process, and pipeline cleaning, inspection, repair, upgrades, maintenance, testing, and construction services.  Remtech’s experienced professionals offer fast-track root cause identification and remedial solutions that limit operational interruptions and downtime due to system failures, clogging, capacity limitations, and product change outs.

System upgrades are designed/constructed to prevent system failures and increase productivity. Our experience with installing reliable and low maintenance systems ensures that repairs are sustainable and upgrades are operator friendly.

◆ Tanks, Reactors, Tankers, Railcars

◆ Sewers, Catch Basins, Manholes, Grit Chambers, Pits

Pipeline and Sewer Cleaning

◆ USTs, ASTs, Secondary Containment Systems  

◆ Buildings, Ducts, Bag Houses & Silo Cleaning

Combustible Dust Cleaning

◆ Lift Stations, Oil/Water Separators, Mixers

◆ Stormwater Retention Facilities, Ponds & Lagoons

◆ Railyard Track Pans & Switches

◆ Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning

◆ AST & UST Cleaning

◆ Regulatory Compliance Cleaning

◆ Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

◆ Buildings

Tank Cleaning & Industrial Cleaning

Serving Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida

Confined Space Cleaning, Confined Space Rescue

Industrial Maintenance

◆ Scheduled Maintenance Inspections

◆ Unit Operation Installations

◆ Pump & Control Installations

◆ Lift Station Installations

◆ Manhole & Sewer Installations

◆ Wastewater Treatment System Inspections & Repairs

◆ Railyard Track Mat Installation

◆ Wastewater Treatment System Repairs

◆ Corrosion Inspections

◆ Mechanical and Electrical System Repairs

◆ Post-Incident Inspections and Repairs  

◆ Decommissioning of Equipment

Remtech’s OSHA trained confined space entry specialists have completed thousands of projects using best management safety practices.  State-of-the-art safety, rescue support, monitoring, ventilation, PPE, and engineering controls ensures that potential hazards are minimized during cleaning, inspections, repairs, upgrades, and new construction projects.

Remtech employs remote confined space cleaning techniques whenever possible to minimize hazard exposures using:

◆ Confined Space Rescue Support

◆ Confined Space Tank & Area Cleaning

◆ Remote Removal of Solids, Slurries, and Liquids

Remote High Pressure Water/Steam Blasting and Jetting

Remote Explosion Proof Pumping