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Remtech offers comprehensive environmental engineering and contracting services ranging from emergency spill response, environmental remediation, mobile wastewater treatment, PFAS Mobile Treatment, hazardous waste management, industrial services, to renewable biomass energy recovery systems.  Remtech's principals have over 65 years experience on over 10,000 projects for a variety of fortune 500 companies in located in 23 states since 1975.

Remtech's projects are managed by the highest qualified professionals in the business that are certified by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists in Hazardous Waste, Environmental Remediation, Water and Wastewater Engineering, and the Institue of Hazardous Materials Management. Remtech is committed to completing each project in a timely, discrete, professional, safe, and cost-effective manner. REMTECH BROCHURE



Emergency Spill Response & Disaster Response

Chemical Plant Fire Burn Residues Loaded For Disposal Atlanta Georgia
Split Casing Secondary Containment Installed over Stream Jacksonsville Florida

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Vacuum Extraction of Soil & Gravel Contamination at Gas Fired Power Plant Dalton Georgia

Enhanced Bioremediation with HC-2000

Free Product Monitoring Following Extraction Event Atlanta Georgia
HC2000 Degradation Efficiency Out Performs Competition

4-Day Bench-Scale Soil Slurry Diesel (TPH) Degradation Product Comparisons (Fuel Buster - 7 Days) Out Performs Competition

HC-2000 Bench-Scale Soil Slurry for Diesel, PCE, TCE, PCBs and Ethylene Glycol Degradation Times

HC2000 less toxic than Microblaze, Corexit 9500A, BioSolve, F500

Freshwater 96-Hr, LC50 Aquatic Toxicities(Silverside, Mendia Beryllina) Less Toxic than Competition

Bioremediation of JP4 Spill with HC-2000 Atlanta Georgia
Bioremediation Gasoline Contaminated Wetland Macon GA

Bioremediation Accelerator HC-2000 Outperforms Competition

HC-2000 Bioremediation Agent Accelerator Video

** CDFW-OSPR - Prohibited in California

(LC50’s < 10 mg/l)

Dec, 2016

Remtech has developed a proprietary slow-release bioremediation and biosurfactant that accelerates native heterothropic bateria degraders, HC-2000 (HC2), that cleans, disinfects, desorbs, reduces odors and degrades fuels, oils, transformer oils, lubricants, chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents. HC-2000 works on soil, ballast, gravel, groundwater, surface water, wastewater, sludges, septic tanks, power substations, cleaning surfaces (clothing, concrete, asphalt, metal), and other matrices. Biosurfactants increase mass transfer of biochemical reaction accelerators to rapidly degrade and clean petroleum based contaminates. Slow release ingredients continue to deliver active ingredients over periods exceeding 1 year.

HC-2000 has been used successfully on over 400 site remediations during the past 20 years.  HC-2000 is a Green Sustainable Technology that enhances the natural degradation processes and accelerates the degradation of refined solvents and petroleum based compounds in soil, groundwater, surface water, railroad ballast, power plants and substation gravel, ASTs with grounding systems and other media.  HC-2000 is a more efficient and cost-effective degrader and less toxic than many competing products.  Remtech's Bioremediation Design Optimization Primer with HC-2000 is presented here. Remtech's Biopile Design Optimization Primer with HC-2000 is presented here. HC-2000 is approved by Florida, Georgia, and by other states on a case-by-case bases. Georgia Approval Letter, Florida Approval Letter, HC-2000 SDS.

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