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• Agricultural chemical warehouse fire response & cleanup

• Agricultural and food industry spoilage cleanups

• Corn syrup and fructose spill cleanups

• Soy and protein powder cleanups

• Anhydrous ammonia leak capping

• Ethanol cleanups

• Disinfectant release cleanups

• Disaster response to fires, explosions, and floods

Environmental Remediation

• Remediation of banned substances, chlordane, DDT, etc.

• Waste pond cleanups

Industrial Services

• Cleaning of tanks, silos, bins, elevators, reactors, pits

• Removal of combustible dust from buildings, elevators, silos

• Pressure washing of tanks, conveyance systems, vessels

Jetting & vacuuming of process, sanitary, and storm sewers

Environmental Consulting

• FRP & Spill Deployment Plans

• Contingency plans & training

• Dust explosion investigations & expert witness

• Air & water sampling

Remtech has completed over 2,000 agricultural product and food cleanups for the transportation, storage, distribution, and manufacturing industry over the past 30 years.

Grain, corn, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides are key resources to our growing ethanol, beverage, and food industry.

Serving Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida

Environmental Response

• Facility, highway, and rail release cleanups and transfers

• Liquid, granular fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide cleanups

• Grain & corn processing cleanups and transfers

• Vegetable oil and grease cleanups