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Remtech principals have completed complex environmental projects for military bases and the aircraft industry since 1975 ranging from munition and POL remediations and treatment, decontamination of radioactive tanks for recycle to the Space Shuttle Program, to handling military yellow cake spills, emergency response to blasting caps, defueling emergency generators for cargo plane transport to Guam, and identification and remediation of unknowns.

Remtech is a vetted USCG OSRO contractor and Chemtrec Chemnet Contractor.  Remtech's projects are managed by board certified engineers, scientists, and hazwoper trained professionals to maximize value added services to clients


Remtech provides clients with: emergency contingency plans, prevention plans, and remediation programs with disaster response; emergency response; environmental remediation system design, construction, operation & maintenance; pollution prevention; industrial maintenance and cleaning services; and environmental/safety training.

Environmental Remediation

Spill Response to Oils and Hazardous Materials

Disaster Response to Fires, Explosions, and Natural Disasters

Facility Response Plans and Deployment Contractor

Biohazard Response & Mitigation

Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Combustible Dust Cleaning and Hazard Assessments

Combustible Metal Dust Cleaning and Hazard Assessments

✓ Facility Decontamination

Environmental Assessments  

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Systems

Spill Prevention Plans

Spill Prevention Systems

Environmental, Health, and Safety Training

Waste Management of Hazardous and Non-hazardous Waste

Identification and Remediation of Unknowns

Aerospace/Aircraft Deicing Fluid Management

Preventing deicing fluids from entering stormwater drainage systems at air ports is an integral part of airport Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans.  Remtech specializes in designing, operating, and maintaining pollution prevention and collection deicing systems for airports to comply with SWPPPs.  Whether it be automated glycol diversion, containment, storage, treatment, or reprocessing systems, Remtech can assist clients with selecting the best solution for your facility

✓ Deicing Fluid Spill Response and Cleanup

✓ Deicing Fluid Runoff Containment

✓ Deicing Aircraft

✓ Deicing Fluid Collection and Treatment/Recycling

✓ Deicing Fluid Waste Management

Bioremediation Accelerator (HC-2000) Degradation of Glycol, Solvents, and Petroleum  

Remtech’s proprietary biostimulation accelerator HC-2000 product is used to degrade residual soil contamination in soil, groundwater, below grounding and cathodic protection grids inside POL secondary containment structures, and treatment of stormwater containing glycol. HC-2000 is a Green Sustainable Technology product.  

HC-2000 Bench-Scale Degradation of Ethylene Glycol, Diesel Fuel, PCE, TCE, and PCBs

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