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Remtech principals have completed over 10,000 environmental remediations since 1975.

Remtech has developed a dynamic programing remediation approach based on lessons learned on over 10,000 projects.  This approach insures that all resources are directed toward a solution that will withstand the test of time and changing regulations.Remtech's unique approach environmental remediations with qualified individuals facilitates forensic investigations that documents root cause(s) that provides evidence to recover damages from responsible parties. In addition, Remtech crisis management approach returns "returns out of control" events to manageable projects that minimizes production down time and saves money.

Remtech can handle your project from cradle to grave. By integrating site remediation engineering/design, contracting, equipment manufacturing, and system operation, the layering of firms and project life cycle costs are substantially reduced.

Remtech's remedial systems are designed to minimize operation and maintenance costs and provide "smart" sustainable solutions to complex environmental projects. Remtech has one of the largest fleets of remediation equipment in the Southeast.

Environmental Remediation Services

Soil & Groundwater Remediation

HC-2000 Bioremediation & Cleaning

Superfund Site Cleanups

Hazardous Waste & HSRA Cleanups

• Brownsfields Restorations

UST & AST Tank Cleanups

Landfill and Pond Closures

Lead, Asbestos & Mold Abatements

Fire & Water Damage Restoration

Multi-Phase Vacuum Extraction

Mold Remediation

Asbestos Remediation

Lead and Lead Paint Remediation

Mercury Remediation

Mercury Manufacturing Plant Cleanup

PFAS Treatment & Rapid Testing

Railyard Cleanups

High-Rail Vacuum Truck Services

Oil/Water Separator, Tank & Sewer Cleaning

Switch Cleaning

Removal & Replacement of Track-mats

Ballast & Pavement Cleaning

Coal, Powder, Granular Material Removal

AST/UST/Pipeline Cleaning

Railroad Ballast Remediation with HC-2000

Demolition/Dismantlement Services

Hazardous Material Removal prior to Demolition

• Site Clearing, Demolition, and Utility Closure

Comprehensive or Selective Demolition

Asset & Metals Recovery

Fire Burn Residue Demolition & Removal

AST/UST/Pipeline Removals

Remediation Systems

Mobile Wastewater Treatment Systems

• Oil/Water Separators

• Neutralization

• Chemical Oxidization

• Chemical Fixation/Solidification/Stabilization

• Filtration

• Air Stripping


• Biostimulation

Multi-phase Vacuum Extraction

PFAS Mobile Treatment & Rapid PFAS Testing

Design & Construction

• Soil & Groundwater Remediation

• Spill & Loss Prevention Systems

• Water & Wastewater Pollution Prevention

• Solid Waste, Landfill, Noise, Air Pollution

• Industrial Hygiene Control Systems

• Tanker & Railcar Loading & Unloading Racks

• Storm & Sanitary Sewers

• Oil/Water Separators

• Building & Construction Permits

• Construction Supervision

• Renewable Energy Systems

• Landfill Leachate Treatment Systems

Serving Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida