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Personal Protective Equipment


• Level A, B, & C PPE

• Fire Proximity & Entry Suits

• Confined Space Entry Equipment Trailer

• Ventilation Blowers

Spill Control & Containment

• Chemical Transfer Pump Trailer

• Boom & Boat Launch Trailer

• Spill Recovery Trailer

• Railcar Repair Trailer

• Confined Space Entry Trailer

• Chlorep, Midland, Transload Kits

• Overpacks, Drums, Supersacks

• Frac Tanks, Pillow Tanks

• All-Terrain Tankers

• Skimmers, Washdown Pumps, Oil Mops

• Sorbent Pads, Rolls & Boom

• Spill Kits

• Vapor Suppression Foam (FFFP)

• Straw Filtration Barrier Trailer

Communications/Data Basis


• GPS & Communications Equipment

• Digital HAZMAT Data Base

• Digital USGS & Aerial Maps

Spill Cleanup Equipment


• Heavy Duty Equipment

• Mobile Multi-Phase Extraction

• HEPA & Mercury Vacuums

• Air Purification & Filtration  

• Mobile Treatment Plants

     ▸ All-Terrain Oil/Water Separators

     ▸ Carbon Filtration

     ▸ Tri-Media Filters

     ▸ Sand Filters

     ▸ Diatomaceous Filters

     ▸ Anthracite Filters

     ▸ Bag Filters

• Steam & Pressure Washers

• Vacuum Trucks

• Hi-Rail VacuumTrucks

• Explosion-Proof JETVAC

• Transfer of Flammable Liquids, Powders, Granules

• Treatment Chemicals & Agents

Vacuum Boxes

Environmental Monitoring

• Environmental Drilling Equipment

• Environmental Surveillance Equipment

• Portable Testing Equipment

Remtech’s fleet of vehicles, trailers, and equipment minimizes response, project completion time, and costs.

Remtech’s resources include: product transfer; confined space entry & breathing systems; 4,000 ft of containment boom/ boats/skimmers; mobile and custom treatment systems; excavation equipment; high-rail vacuum trucks; custom cleaning and jetting equipment, mobile power plants & compressors; railcar repair and capping kits (Midland, Chlorep, Transfer kits); tankers; frac tanks; vacuum boxes; spill containment bladders; and other support equipment.  Remtech is a CHEMNET Contractor for CHEMTREC and OSRO contractor for the USCG.  Remtech 2021 OSRO equipment list.

Serving Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida