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Bioremediation of Diesel Fuel Spill on Main Line Track Dallas GA

HC-2000 Fuel Spill Ballast Treatment

HC-2000 (HC2) is a Green Sustainable Technology product. Purchase through Remtech Store

Remtech's Bioremediation Design Optimization Primer with HC-2000 is presented here.   Remtech's Biopile Design Optimization Primer with HC-2000 is presented here. Remtech has developed a proprietary slow-release enhanced bioremediation accelerator and biosurfactant, HC-2000 (HC2), that cleans, disinfects, desorbs, reduces odors and degrades fuels, oils, transformer oils, lubricants, chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents. HC-2000 works on soil, ballast, gravel, groundwater, surface water, wastewater, sludges, septic tanks, power substations, cleaning surfaces (clothing, concrete, asphalt, metal), and other matrices. Biosurfactants increase mass transfer of biochemical reaction accelerators to rapidly degrade and clean petroleum based contaminates. Slow release ingredients continue to deliver active ingredients over periods exceeding 1 year.


HC2000 Biodegradation Efficiency Out Performs Competition
HC2000 Less Toxic to Fish than Other Remediation Products

HC-2000 restores the environment by accelerating natural native systems (heterotrophic bacteria) to degrade petroleum and solvent based contaminants. HC-2000 removes toxic contaminants with minimal economic disruptions to business and generally cost less than other remedial technologies.

HC-2000 has been used successfully on over 400 sites during the past 20 years. HC-2000 is approved by Georgia & Florida for soil and groundwater cleanups. Other states and regulatory authorities typically rapidly approve HC-2000 on a case-by-case basis.

HC-2000 fuel and solvent biodegradation efficacy (degradation

efficiency) and lower toxicity surpasses commercial fertilizers,

Micro-blaze, Fuel Buster (F-500), BioSolve, and the majority of products on EPA’s National Contingency Plan List. HC2 is designed to work on inland freshwater applications and refined fuels and solvents that are not addressed by EPA’s NCP list of saltwater approved crude oil remediation and cleaning products.

Bioremediation Applications with HC-20000

• Soil, Railroad Ballast, Gravel Remediation at Power Plants,

  Substations and AST Tank Farms

• Groundwater & Surfacewater Remediations

• Oil Sheen, Vapor & Odor Control

• Pavement Cleaning, Solids & Sludge Breakup

• Forrest Canopy & Vegetation Cleaning

• Wastewater Treatment Enhancement

• Tank Cleaning

• Spill Cleanups

Bioremediation Technical Publications

HC-2000 Biodegradation & Cleaning Applications on Petroleum Hydrocarbon & Solvent Cleanups

HC-2000 Petroleum Hydrocarbon Efficacy & Aquatic Toxicity Testing in Freshwater & Soil Environments

HC-2000 Range Finding Aquatic Toxicities

HC-2000 Biodegradation Curves

HC-2000 Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Spills on

  Railroad Ballast

Bioremediation Wetland Contaminated with Gasoline, Jessup, GA
Bioremediation of Solvent Site with HC-2000 Albany NY

Remtech HC-2000 Treatment Trailer at Solvent Site - 85 to 99% Analyte Groundwater Removal in 5.5 months

HC-2000 Gasoline Wetland BioFence Bioremediation

Achieves 98.7% GRO Removal in 18 Weeks

Cleaning Heavy Oil from Pavement with HC-2000 Atlanta GA

Cleaning Oil Stains from Asphalt with HC-2000 and Surface Washer

Oil Sheen Removal with HC-2000 Franklin GA

Removing Mineral Oil Sheens from Power Plant Detention Pond with HC-2000

Serving Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida

** CDFW-OSPR - Prohibited in California

(LC50’s < 10 mg/l)

Dec, 2016