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Asbestos Boiler Insulation Remediation

Remtech's principals have over four decades of experience with asbestos inspections, asbestos remediation, asbestos abatement, asbestos encapsulation, and asbestos entombment at airports, schools, universities, government buildings, power plants, transportation, and health care facilities beginning with EPA's school program in the 1970's.

Landmark projects included taking over projects that were being improperly handled by inexperienced contractors in the Kansas, Missouri, Maryland, Washington DC, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, and other jurisdictions.

Agencies assisted included the GSA, Consumer Product Safety Commission, numerous school systems, universities, international airports, hospitals, industries, and research facilities.  

Remtech developed fiber control technologies (based on medical criteria) in the 1970's that maintains asbestos dust concentrations below current OSHA and EPA limits inside the work zone and eliminates the potential of contaminating areas outside remediation areas that won an "Honorable Mention from the American Consulting Counsel of Missouri" in the 1980's and was published in The Journal of Environmental Engineering, Vol. 2, April, 1983, ASCE, pp 275 to 288.

Remtech has extensive experience with abating asbestos containing products including; transite board, asbestos floor tiles, asbestos shingles, asbestos spray-on insulation, asbestos pipe insulation, asbestos boiler insulation, asbestos tank insulation, asbestos mastic, asbestos caulking, asbestos ceiling tiles, and asbestos siding.

With Atlanta becoming a prime location for movie productions, Remtech assists movie location managers with older building inspections and remediations to ensure the safety of production crews and actors.

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