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Remtech has provided comprehensive emergency response, environmental remediation, environmental consulting, industrial maintenance, and design/build services to the rail industry for over 30 years.

Remtech has developed a proprietary biostimulation accelerator HC-2000 that is used to degrade hydrocarbon spills in ballast, soil, and groundwater and clean pavement and surfaces.  HC-2000 is a Green Sustainable Technology.  

Emergency Response for Railroads

✓ Derailments & Intermodal Container Cleanups & Transfers

✓ Hazardous Material & Dry Product Transfers & Cleanups

Chemical & High Pressure Gas Transfers

Environmental Cleanups

Disaster Response and Recovery to Fires and Floods

Environmental Remediation for Railroads

✓ Environmental Sampling & Drilling

✓ Remediation Plans

✓ Remedial Plan Implementation

✓ Design/Build Environmental Remediation

✓ AST/UST/Pipeline Testing & Remediation

✓ HC-2000 Degradation Spills on Soil and Ballast

✓ HC-2000 Cleaning of Surfaces and Pavement

Industrial Services for Railroads

Vacuum Truck Services with High-Rail Capabilities

✓ Oil/Water Separator, Trenches, and Trap Cleaning

✓ Railyard Track Mat Removal & Replacement

✓ Track Pan & Switch Cleaning

✓ Tank & Separator Cleaning

✓ Ballast & Pavement Cleaning

✓ Coal, Grain, Powder, Granular Cleanups & Transfers

AST/UST/Pipeline & Sewer Cleaning

✓ Pipeline & Sewer Video Inspections

✓ Utility Location & Leak Detection

✓ Corrosion Inspections

✓ Transformer Sampling & Disposal

✓ Grease Box Disposal

✓ Process Retrofits & Repairs

✓ System Upgrades

✓ Comprehensive Demolition Services

Environmental Design/Build for Railroads

✓ Wastewater Treatment Systems

✓ Secondary Containment & AST Installations

✓ Railcar Unloading Racks

✓ Sludge Dewatering Systems

✓ Lift Stations & Weirs

✓ Track pans

Serving Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida