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Industrial Services

➢ Coal and coal ash transfers

➢ Removal of coal ash from buildings

➢ Removal of coal ash from ponds

➢ Coal load transfers

➢ Coal recovery

➢ Disaster response and recovery to fires and floods

➢ Pothole vacuum excavation

➢ Cleaning of raw or clean coal silos or day bins

➢ Pipeline cleaning

➢ Process line and stormsewer cleaning

Coal and fuel oil account for some of the largest volume of products in transit or storage at coal fired power plants.  

Remtech specializes in serving the coal industry with turnkey environmental response, remediation, and industrial services.

Emergency Response

➢ Facility coal spill cleanups

➢ Coal ash cleanups

➢ Fuel oil cleanups

Environmental Remediation

➢ Leachate treatment of acid water

➢ Coal mining land restoration

Serving Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida