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Remtech offers a complete array of industrial facility, tank, process, and pipeline cleaning, inspection, repair, maintenance, testing, and construction services.  Remtech’s experienced professionals offer fast-track root cause identification and remedial solutions that limit operational interruptions due to system failures, clogging, capacity limitations, and product change outs.

System upgrades are designed/ constructed to prevent system failures. Our experience with installing reliable and low maintenance treatment systems ensures that repairs are sustainable and upgrades are operator user friendly


Inspection, Cleaning, Repair & Construction   

Pollution Prevention Systems

◆ Corrosion Inspections

◆ Sewers, Catch Basins, Manholes

◆ Process Lines & Pipelines

◆ Tanks, Tankers, Railcars  

◆ Buildings, Ducts, Bag houses & Silos

◆ Combustible Dust Cleaning  

◆ Lift Stations & Oil/Water Separators  

◆ Stormwater Retention Facilities, Ponds, Pits & Lagoons

◆ Process Unit Operations, Pumps & Controls

◆ Wastewater Treatment Systems

◆ Railyard Track Mat

◆ Railyard Track Pan & Switches

◆ Railyard Ballast & Pavement

◆ Pressure Washing

◆ Steam Cleaning

Confined Space Services

Remtech’s OSHA trained confined space entry specialists have completed hundreds of projects using best management safety practices.  State-of-the-art safety, monitoring, ventilation, PPE, and engineering controls ensures that potential hazards are minimized during cleaning, inspections, repairs, upgrades, and new construction projects.

Confined Space Cleaning, Inspection & Repairs

◆ Scheduled Maintenance Inspections

◆ Product Removal from Tanks, Silos, Vaults, Pipes

◆ Removal of Spills from Vaults, Sewers, Catch Basins, Pits

◆ Regulatory Compliance Cleaning

◆ Repairs of Internal Mechanical and Electrical Systems

◆ Post-incident Inspections and Repairs  

◆ Decommissioning of Equipment

Remote Cleaning

Remtech employs remote confined space cleaning techniques whenever possible to minimize hazard exposures using:

High Vacuum Removal of Solids, Slurries, and Liquids

Vacuum Truck Services  

High Pressure Water/Steam Blasting and Jetting

Remote Explosion Proof Pumping

Abrasive and Chemical Cleaning

Serving Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida