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6,000 Environmental Remediations Since 1975

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Remtech Spill Kit with Vinyl and Sorbent Boom and Pads
Remtech Spill Kit with Sorbent Boom, Pads, and Sandbag filled with Oil Dry

55-gal Mini-Vinyl Boom, Sorbent Boom & Pads Spill Kit

Remtech Spill Kit with Sorbent Boom, Sweeps, and Pads

Remtech's spill response kits are designed by professional contractors with 40 years experience on over 6,000 incidents.

Kits are contained in HDPE open top 85-gallon, 55-gallon, or 20-gal containers that are H1 rated for transport and disposal of hazmats.  Kits are customized to meet your facilities spill containment requirements.

Spill kit sizes and content options include:

🚫 HPDE 20 gal, 55-gal, or 85-gal drums

🚫 Universal sorbent pads, rolls, socks

🚫 Oil sorbent pads, boom, rolls

🚫 Oil sorbent sweeps

🚫 25 ft mini-containment boom

🚫 6-mil polyethylene bags

🚫 Poly sand bags filled with oil dry

🚫 Boom anchoring stakes

Contact Remtech for additional information & pricing on our remediation systems.  Indicate what spill kit and contents you are interested in on eform below and we will get back to you shortly with pricing and availability.

55-gal Sorbent Boom, Sweep Spill Kit

55-gal Sorbent Boom, Sweep, Pads, and Sandbag Spill Kit





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