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Spill Response

Remtech provides a 24-hour spill and disaster response network staffed by Hazwoper trained personnel. Remtech principals have responded to over 6,000 hazardous materials, wastes, reactives, infectious materials, explosives, oils, chemicals, mercury, heavy metals, infectious/biohazard/ biological agent releases. Remtech is a CHEMNET Contractor for CHEMTREC and maintains an excellent safety record.

Disaster Response & Recovery Services

Remtech's rapid response and crisis management team have responded to over 2,000 incidents involving man-made and natural disasters including fires, explosions, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and sabotage.  Remtech's crisis management approach minimizes down-time, business interruptions, while restoring interim, and permanent operations

➢ Emergency response to fires and explosions

➢ Fire restoration

➢ Disaster preparedness planning

➢ Damage assessments

➢ Spill containment, response, recovery & disposal

➢ Stormwater containment & diversion

➢ Water damage restoration  

➢ Protection & recovery of critical assets

➢ Facility decontamination

➢ Waste management & disposal

➢ Demolition of damaged structures  

➢ Reconstruction and restoration management

Vacuum truck services

Our Corporate Response Center is located in Atlanta, Georgia and hosts one of the largest fleets of emergency response, remediation equipment, and supplies in the Southeast. OSRO Equipment List.

➢ Train Derailments

➢ Tractor-Trailer Accidents

➢ Oil Spill & Hazardous Material Response

➢ Railcar & Intermodal Container Releases

➢ Chemical & High Pressure Gas Transfers

➢ Biohazard & Infectious Waste Cleanups

➢ Fire & Plant Explosion Mitigation

➢ Reactive & Explosive Material Mitigation

➢ Transformer Fire & Explosion Response

➢ Inland Spill Cleanups


Serving Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida