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Remtech's mobile Multi-Phase high vacuum extraction systems produce up to 28 inches of Hg on a network of extraction wells removing contamination and vapors from soils and groundwater. Pressure injection of HC-2000 bioremediation accelerator agent in perimeter wells with simultaneous high vacuum extraction from center wells desorbs free product from soil pores, oxygenates capillary fringe, and accelerates bioremediation of soil bound contaminants.

Two-Phase Total Fluids Extraction System at Bus Facility Removing 20,000 gallons of Diesel Fuel - Rotary Claw Blower, Knock-out Tank, Mist Eliminator, Oil Water Separator, Dissolved Air Floatation with Calcium Chloride Flocculation, Sand Filtration & Granular Carbon Filtration Atlanta Georgia
Two-Phase Total Fluids Extraction System connected to 17 Extraction Wells through three galleries. Knockout tank separates fuel & groundwater for subsequent treatment Atlanta Georgia

Remtech Air-to-Air Eductor Mobile Multiphase Vacuum Extraction System Video Clip

Multiphase Vacuum Extraction System PID Drawing Atlanta Georgia

Vacuum Extraction, Dual-Phase Extraction, Groundwater Cleanups

Remtech Rotary Claw Dual-Phase Extraction Clip




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