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8,000 Environmental Remediations Since 1975

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Remtech Engineers has over 30 years of experience in environmental engineering consulting and our principals have responded to over 8,000 incidents since 1975.   Remtech's expertise and tenure in the environmental services industry has allows us to become a preferred environmental services company to a variety of clients.

Remtech's experience in successfully completing a myriad of cleanups and remediations places us in a unique position to identify, quantify, and reduce environmental liabilities when performing real property environmental assessments, asbestos assessments, mold investigations, mercury assessments, indoor pollution investigations, and prevention & response plans. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals possess degrees from accredited universities, with specialty certifications from the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management.

Each project is assigned a working project manager who is the client contact for technical, schedule, and cost information. Quality Assurance Programs track data evaluation, design, and remediation performance. Clients can be assured that project assignments are completed according to the highest professional standards.

Environmental Assessments

◆ Environmental Phase I, II & III Assessments

◆ Indoor Pollution Assessments

◆ Air Quality & Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

◆ Noise Investigations

◆ Asbestos, Mold & Lead Assessments

◆ Mercury, Radiation, Radon Assessments

◆ HSRA Investigations

◆ Risk Based Site Closures

◆ Hydrology Studies

◆ Stormwater Monitoring

◆ Environmental Drilling & Sampling

Spill Prevention & Facility Response Plans

◆ Spill Prevention Plans

◆ Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

◆ Digital GPS Mapping Spill Deployment Plans

◆ Facility Response Plans

◆ Erosion Control Plans

Expert Witness

◆ Root Cause & Forensic Investigations

◆ Accident Reconstruction

◆ Expert Witness and Testimony

100-Acre Chemical Plant
Assessment & Remediation Greenville South Carolina

100-Acre Chemical Plant

Assessment & Remediation

Forensic Investigation Clears LTL Carrier of Chemical Fire Mineapolis MN
Metal Thickness Testing on Collapsed UST Atlanta Georgia
Investigation of Collapsed UST Resulted in Cost Recovery for Damages Atlanta Georgia
 Waste Site Hollow-Stem Drilling Atlanta Georgia

Waste Site Hollow-Stem Drilling

Digital GPS Mapping Spill Deployment Plan for
27,000-acre Watershed for Major Power Plant on Savannah River Augusta Georgia

Digital GPS Mapping Spill Deployment Plan for

27,000-acre Watershed for Major Power Plant on Savannah River

Gaging Free Product Atlanta Georgia





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