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For Immediate Release - Remtech October, 16, 2016 News Flash

Since our founding in 1988, we have completed over 8000 environmental remediation projects.  

Thanks to our many customers, Remtech’s facilities and sales have doubled!  

We have increased our capabilities to include: industrial cleaning & maintenance and pollution prevention systems construction to compliment our flagship environmental remediation & emergency response services.

Mark Ryckman, P.E. BCEE

CEO & Founder

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  • A︎dding two Guzzler Vacuum Trucks with Hi-rail
  • Invented VacuJet TM (combined jetting & vacuum) heavy solids sewer/pipeline cleaning system capable of cleaning 300 ft sections
  • Constructed pollution prevention facilities for a major railroad in six states
  • Remediated a major speciality chemical fire
  • Investigated, located, and remediated a leaking fuel line under a large intermodal railyard
  • Completed a large diesel fuel groundwater remediation at a major bus terminal with integrated HC2000 injection and total fluids extraction
  • Stockpiled 2,000 gallons of Remtech’s proprietary HC2000 capable of treating impacted shorelines and soils for 4,000,000 million gallons of petroleum hydrocarbon releases.

Enhanced Spill Response Capabilities

Remtech participated in major facility response deployment drills in the SE. Specific deployment resources include a Rapid Boom and Boat Deployment Trailer with 1,400 ft of boom; a Fuel Recovery Trailer equipped with boat, Elastic drum skimmer (97% fuel recovery and 3% water), deep and shallow weir skimmers, oil mop, 900 ft of boom; Pump Transfer Trailer; guzzler vacuum trucks;  3,000-gallon fuel storage pillow tanks; JetVAC explosion proof vacuum pump; and all terrain tankers and vehicles.


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What’s New?

The last three years for Remtech Engineers have been exciting making us one of the largest inland water response firms in the SE! ... becoming an USGS OSRO Response Contractor;